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  1. T

    ASX index futures calendar spread

    Hi Is it worth considering trading calender spread on ASX index futures! ( future to future spread not option to option spread) - Are these exchange recognized spreads with margin advantages? or one has to leg in - Does it move much? ( heard that index calenders spreads generally don;t really...
  2. T

    ASX Futures with Interactive Brokers - What symbols?

    hello community I have troubles to find the Symbols for all Futures available on the australian Market to be available for trading with Interactivebrokers Anybody can help me out with this? Thanks in Advance
  3. xice

    ASX Futures Price

    Guys ive always wondered, where does the age get the following information from: At 6.40am, the Sydney Futures Exchange's September Share Price Index contract was 41 points higher, or 0.79%, at 4876. I have never been able to find a data source for finance preferred if...