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  1. D

    ASX Cash Flow Data Extract

    Hello Everyone, First time posting here and i did try to search the forum but could not find one. So i wanted to extract the Cash Flow ( Operations , Investing , Financing ) data for all the companies where a 4C report is published so that i can analyse the data to take an appropriate...
  2. sharks

    EOD ASX Data service for Metastock

    Hi I have just finished the first year data subscription I received with Oracle Traders when I bought Metastock from them they want $350 for the renewal just wondering what other data services provide good data for the ASX as an EOD service that people can reccomend.
  3. M

    Amibroker / Norgate ASX Data - How to find strongest sectors?

    Hi all I have Amibroker and am using Norgate ASX Data . Im confused as to the correct filter settings to use when doing an exploration of ASX Indexes and or Sectors, say for example, to find the sector that has is hitting new highs etc. The code for the xploration is easy but i cant figure our...
  4. M

    Amibroker Systems using ASX & US data - confused about 1 day difference

    Hi all Im playing around with Amibroker systems trading ASX stocks but the system also references $SPX (S and P 500 index). My system gets the signals and then buys on open the next day. Can someone verify for my very confused brain, that i would need to run the scan or explorations looking...
  5. P

    Historical 'Tick' Data for ASX

    Hi Team, New poster - I'm looking at getting my hands on some historical "level 2" data for the ASX. I understand that norgate, premiumdata look like decent providers, however from my review it only appears that they have EOD related data? I understand that it would be possible to collect...
  6. C

    Question for someone using Norgate ASX data (Metastock format)

    Hi, I'm looking at using Norgate Premium Data for ASX. Before I do, can anyone using premium data for ASX tell me what the earliest bar date is for the stock UTR 'Ultracharge'. Thanks
  7. Gringotts Bank

    Last Friday's ASX EOD data

    Anyone got Friday's ASX data please? My broker has the 18th and 19th as identical files.
  8. B

    Anyone having reliability problems with Amibroker and IB real time ASX data?

    I've been using Amibroker 6.1 with Interactive Brokers TWS to provide real time ASX data for about 3 months. But I just can't get Amibroker to reliably store the data in the database. Even a backfill doesn't store properly unless I display each symbol in a chart immediately after the backfill...
  9. B

    Connecting Amibroker to Interactive Brokers for ASX real time data

    Recently purchased Amibroker and looking for an economical, but reliable real time data source for the ASX. Have read lots of snippets here about people using Interactive Brokers (IB), but can't find much explanation of exactly how it all works. Haven't been able to find the word...
  10. A

    Downloading ASX Fundamentals from Yahoo Finance using Perl/Python

    Another project I've been working on is downloading fundamental data from Yahoo Finance using either Perl or Python. This is a 2 step process as outlined below: 1) First thing we need to do is create and populate a file called "symlist.csv" with symbols such as BHP.AX, ANZ.AX, etc. This can be...
  11. C

    Data delivered to the client - driven by the client

    We are building an Order Management System for the ASX market - we're planning on WPF clients getting content and pushing orders to middle-ware and the middle-ware going off to a third party do the heavy lifting with regards to retrieving the required data and push orders to an order-pad. For...
  12. S

    10 Year ASX Historical Data

    Hello I am kind new to investing and to this forum so if this questions has been asked previously in this forum I apologize in advance. Does anyone know where to get the following 10 year historical data for a company listed in the ASX (Preferably for free) Debt to equity ratio Earnings...
  13. T

    Puzzling ASX data for options on individual Australian equities

    Hi all, I was recently looking over historical data (intraday) for options on individual australian equities, e.g. call and put options on BHP e.t.c., that are listed on the ASX. The data source is Thomson Reuters Tick History (I'm an academic so I can get access to this data through SIRCA)...
  14. S

    NinjaTrader vs. AmiBroker

    Hi Traders, I already have NT (NT direct, a free version, is included with my AMP futures account). I haven't had success in having it scan ASX stocks for criteria, though. I'm suspicious of Yahoo EOD data. I'm considering Amibroker instead. Should I pay up for Amibroker (and then a...
  15. Nortorious

    Premium Data and getting ASX sector data

    Hi All, Been some time since I was active in the aussie stock forums. I have been working on my strategy etc and getting close to where I want it to be. I'm hoping someone can assist me with a question related to data (from Premium Data's service). I currently subscribe to end of...
  16. V

    Historical ASX Constituent Data

    Hi I am part of a team performing some historical market analysis on the ASX and I was wondering about the availability of historical constituent data for the ASX indices? I have data for the S&P/ASX200 and S&P/ASX300 going back to 2009. However I cannot source quality data going back further...
  17. K

    How is ASX data imported into Amibroker?

    Just got the Amibroker trial, been having a look around and I like it a lot. Just wondering how I add Australian stocks? Because it comes with US stocks. Can't seem to find an option for this.
  18. D

    Website with Excel spreadsheet that lists detailed ASX data?

    I was wondering if there was a site where you could download a free excel spreadsheet that lists detailed data about all the asx stocks (e.g. Aspect Earnings Model data, P/E Growth Ratio, P/S Ratio, P/B ratio etc)?
  19. B

    Cheapest Dynamic Live ASX Stock Quotes

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience in getting dynamic stock data? Best ones and cheapest ones would be much appreciated? Been looking for a while now.
  20. C

    ASX website revamp

    Hi all Apologies if this is a duplicate (can't seem to find a recent thread on this). But what has happened to the ASX website? In particular, where did they stow all of the factsheet info for each sector? Some of the links are also dead as well. Are they still transitioning into a...