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  1. P

    Historical list of ASX companies by market cap

    Hi All, I am looking for a list of ASX companies by market cap (top 1000 at least) for past years mainly one from January 2016 but January 2015 would be great too. Was wondering if maybe someone had an old list saved on their computer that they could pass on or if anyone knows of a resource...
  2. H

    List of all ASX companies by market cap?

    Hi everyone. Just wondering if there is a source where I can get a list of all of the companies on the ASX sorted by market cap? Cheers!
  3. J

    Share Price to Earnings Chart for ASX Companies

    Hey everyone, First post/ question. Just wondering if there is anywhere online to get a chart for a specific company comparing their Share price to Earnings over the last say 10 years. Thanks
  4. prawn_86

    Search ASX companies by state?

    Seems a simple question but i can't figure out how to do it. Does anyone know a website in which i can search the list of ASX companies by the state in which they are headquartered? I can't seem to do it on the ASX site. Thanks