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  1. J

    ASX codes and share prices

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to find "ASX codes verse share price" for all shares. Is there a way to do that? Whether its current price or end of day price, both are find. I just want a table of codes and prices. Another thing I'm looking for is the absolute cheapest stock on the ASX...
  2. Newt

    List of ASX new listing codes

    I've noticed my Norgate/Amibroker database often doesn't include newer shares under discussion in ASF. For example, A2M was missing when I checked a few weeks ago. 1. Does anyone else encounter that with Norgate? 2. Any suggestions on a spot to download tickers (e.g. by year) for new...
  3. J

    Additional company ASX codes?

    Hey guys hope you can answer my question please. I'm confused when looking at some companies on the exchange. For example there it a company called AGO and AGO is associated with all of these other listed. So I'm assuming they are segments of the company or they are independently owned by...
  4. M

    How can I sort all ASX codes by their IPO date?

    I want to see the performance of IPOs listed in the past three years, especially shares. Thanks for any help.
  5. Joe Blow

    Company name or ASX code changes

    This thread is for ASF members to notify me of any changes to company names and/or ASX codes so I can edit threads or create new ones where necessary. Simply post in this thread letting me know what company is changing their name and/or ASX code and what it is being changed to. Thanks for...