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  1. andrewstarfish

    Data: ASX 300 Company Financials and Share Performance snapshot each year

    I would like to obtain Data Once a year snapshot of each ASX 300 company. End of Year data. For Example a spreadsheet that has 300 rows for the 300 ASX companies The columns show the Financials like PE, ROA ROE, %debt, anything that helps select stock, Dividends in that year, Start of year...
  2. V

    Historical ASX Constituent Data

    Hi I am part of a team performing some historical market analysis on the ASX and I was wondering about the availability of historical constituent data for the ASX indices? I have data for the S&P/ASX200 and S&P/ASX300 going back to 2009. However I cannot source quality data going back further...
  3. H

    Accumulating wealth whilst paying off the mortgage

    I'm looking to buy my first home and have been doing my research on home loans and came across this product called Aspire from **Company Name Removed** and wanted to get everyones thoughts on it. Has anyone dealth with them before? Basically the loan has 3 components: 1. Home Loan (standard...
  4. warakawa

    How to find historical data for ASX 300?

    I called up ASX about asx 300, they told me I have to contact S&P, called up S&P... voice mail. Does anyone know where can I get data on ASX 300? THanks.
  5. mrWoodo

    ASX 200/ASX 300 index constituent lists

    Hi there, Can someone please tell me where I can download what companies the ASX 200, 300, etc. is currently comprised of ? I've searched everywhere on the asx site, no luck. The closest I can find is a link to the Standard and Poors site. The page has an excel file to download for the ASX...