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  1. L

    How and what should I start investing in at 18?

    Hi all. I am looking to start my investment adventure. Over the next 5-7 years I aim to start a holding company with a dream of going global. I desire to be an influential figure in society and develop my knowledge of business. For the next year or two, my goal is to buy a car and a house...
  2. J

    What are "current" assets and liabilities?

    I've been reading into annual reports and am finding it difficult to understand what's the difference between 'current' and 'non current' assets and liabilities. Can anybody explain in layman's terms what these mean? I've been plugging the values into a spreadsheet, but I ran into an annual...
  3. M

    How to best utilise family trust assets

    Morning All, First time out on this Forum and I would apreciate a bit of guidance with my family trust that was set up a couple of years ago, to hold a small amount of shares in the company I work for. My understanding of the mechanics of the trust are pretty basic, but my kids are now all...
  4. MrBurns

    Anyone have any crook sssets they want to the Govt to take over?

    From the ABC web site - This is sick, how about bailing out a few of the small businesses that go broke. Their owners wont walk away with their assets in tact.