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  1. N

    Re-allocating Superannuation Asset Allocation

    Hi all, I'm still new at investing. I would like to get rid of my cash and bonds in my superannuation. Attached is a screenshot. Cash is easy to see. Are bonds allocated as fixed income? What else can I change to keep this high growth? Any other tips? Thanks muchly! Kind regards, NQ
  2. Eject!

    Tax Implications of Rebalancing

    Newbie here. Started investing in ASX via Commsec in early 2020, with a view to early retirement. If I want to rebalance, and this involves trimming a position / selling some stock to buy another, would this incur capital gains tax if the cash doesn't leave my brokerage account? Am I better...
  3. Zaxon

    What's your retirement asset allocation percentages?

    What's your planned break down between Australian stocks, international stocks, corporate bonds, treasuries, property, lending products, cash, etc, on the day you retire. If you've already retired, tell us what your percentages were at the time you retired. For instance: 60% international...
  4. S

    Beginner Asset Allocation Advice

    Hi all, First time poster here! I hope to start investing with approx $4-5k and I am not interested in day-trading, but rather focusing on fundamentals and holding only a few companies for the longer term (1-2+ years). I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms...
  5. B

    Vanguard ETF Portfolio Decisions

    Hi All, I am 33, new to investing, and have read a couple books (Bogle, William Bernstein "All About Asset Allocation") and decided on Vanguard ETFs (mainly due to greater diversification options compared with the mutual funds). I have an initial $50k to invest (and i'll keep an additional...
  6. N

    Long term ETF investor - Asset allocation questions

    Hey all, I'm new to the forum and investing in stocks. I've done a fair bit of reading and been to a financial adviser (who actually didnt charge me). I proposed a way forward for investing my capital and he said there wasn't much more he could do for me other than propose the correct asset...
  7. A

    Tactical asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing software?

    Hi I there any good free piece of software to build and manage my asset portfolio and rebalance it regularly ? Maybe an iPAD app or even an excel spreasheet ?
  8. money tree

    Asset allocation?

    hi everyone Just wondering what I should do with my money. What stocks, sectors, markets etc would you invest in. Real estate, stocks, bonds, art, currencies, term deposits etc?