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  1. T

    New ASIC regulations restricting leverage

    Hi all, new here and quite new to trading. I need to understand what the new regulations mean for a trader like me? Will I ever be able to trade with a 300:1 leverage while I’m an Australian resident? are there exchanges that will still allow this? thanks!
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    ASIC: Useless and Corrupt

    I have never found Asic to be other than useless in protecting investors from corporate scams. Its role is to be a companies regulator. Its Chairman has stood aside today after allegations he and his deputy have had their heads in the trough...
  3. Joe Blow

    ASF and Financial Advice

    Given that there has been a lot of newcomers arriving at ASF over the last couple of months, I thought that now was an appropriate time to remind everyone that none of the content posted on this website should be considered financial advice. If anyone here is seeking financial advice specific to...
  4. T0BY

    Australian Brokers may be forced to reduce leverage on FX & CFDs

    ASIC is proposing 20:1 leverage restrictions on spot FX, to come in line with ESMA, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, ect.. Little annoying, as not having to keep so much capital tied up with the broker is something I liked.. but I guess it was just a matter of time.
  5. K

    Bank Makes a Mockery of ASIC Enforceable Undertaking

    In 2005 I had my first dealings with shares. My wife and I purchased a Geared Equity Loan with Macquarie Equity Limited (MEL). In August 2014 my wife and I received an email from MEL regarding any former clients concerns they may have about advice provided to them at any time whilst they were a...
  6. M

    Small Prop Firm and ASIC/AFSL

    Now a days in Australia anything to do with Financial trading even education requires an AFSL/ ACL etc ( which as a consumer is good as perhaps it stops dodgy "snake oil salesperson" at bay.. but that is another subject) Does anybody know If a person/ group wishes to start a very very small...
  7. B

    Australia is a corporate crime paradise (as the head of ASIC once said)

    The former chief financial officer of ABC Learning Centres, James Black, has escaped a maximum possible penalty of a five year jail term and fines of up to $22,000, after being let-off with an 18 month suspended sentence and $2000 fine. In one of the biggest corporate collapses in...
  8. I

    ASIC/ACCC media releases

    Hi All, The ACCC issued the following media release today (selected extract only): Following a coordinated investigation with the New South Wales Fair Trading (NSW Fair Trading), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against We...
  9. I

    ASIC takes action on deficient advice on complex structured investment products

    Hi All, For those interested, the following is an extract of a media release that has just been published by ASIC today: ASIC takes action on deficient advice on complex structured investment products ASIC concerns about financial advice relating to complex products has led to 10...
  10. Joe Blow

    Australia: White Collar Crime Paradise

    I don't often start threads outside of the Announcements and Site News forum, but after being sent a link to this ABC News article I felt compelled to put it out there for discussion. My first instinct was to post it in the How to identify an investment scam thread, but after some consideration...
  11. S

    "People who complain are gotten rid of": ASIC

    I've forgotten how to do this, hope I don't get moderated!!! A submission to the Senate inquiry into the regulator's performance provides yet another testimony of a culture of "cronyism and favouritism" which includes threats and harassment of employees. The testimony comes from a former...
  12. M

    ASIC regulation used as a front; Australian FX Broker Goes Belly Up

    This might ruffle a few feathers. Thought you all might be interested in this article and how this broker(GTL Tradeup) in Aus used ASIC as a front...
  13. Garpal Gumnut

    ASIC Damning Report on Financial Advisors Incompetence - 21/12/2012

    I have frequently spoken of my complete and utter disregard of Financial Advisors, a polity often composed of Wet behind the ears Youths, Ageing Insurance salesmen and Had-It ex minor Sporting stars, coaches and hangers-on. To my surprise my good friend Sally Patten, with Leng Yeow has a...
  14. TulipFX

    ASIC Regulations & Sponsors

    Hi all, We are looking to get our ASIC license. Part of that is finding a sponsor. This company is one service we have come across: They seem to offer the best deal in terms of ASIC licensing. Do any of my learnered forumites have any other options or...
  15. 0

    ASIC filings resource for ASX listed stocks?

    Good day all, I'm looking for a web resource of earnings reports and such for ASX-listed stocks. I see some Disclosure Notice filings & such on the ASIC site for companies which I have of interest, but search results are quite limited to that. I'm starting with the search form here...
  16. cutz

    ASIC warning on hacked accounts

    It's quite alarming to hear that online trading accounts in Australia have been hacked, Anybody got details on the brokers concerned and how this can possibly happen ?
  17. Solly

    West Trade/Atlas Lead Generation: ACC & ASIC need your help

    Police swoop on Gold Coast call centre Authorities have shut down a Gold Coast call centre believed to be at the heart of an alleged investment scam. In a joint operation with the Australian Crime Commission (ACC) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), police also...
  18. B

    Fees from accountant (ASIC annual fee)

    I have a company setup for trading shares. Recently, I received an ASIC Annual fee (218.00) from my accountant. That's not a problem but I wanted to see if it is normal for the accountants to charge 275.00 to send me the invoice from ASIC. I'm sure their work would be very minimal - receive...
  19. N

    New watchdog for "insider" trades

    "From Monday, ASIC will oversee stockbroker and investment bank trading, as well as potential legal breaches such as market manipulation. New fines, penalties and powers are set to take effect that will allow ASIC to conduct raids, use phone taps and seek increased jail terms for perpetrators of...
  20. danno75

    ASX supervision handed over to ASIC

    I don't have a real lot of knowledge about how this is going to affect traders and investors but it would to hear the opinions of some of the more experienced and knowledgable members out there...