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    Thoughts on these Emerging Market/Asia ETFs

    I cant seem to decisively choose between VAE / UBP / ASIA etfs. I've done a decent amount of research into all of the different holdings , % allocation , fees , etc. VAE: VAE's returns may not be that great (historically speaking) when compared to UBP and ASIA and the over diversification of...
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    PAI - Platinum Asia Investments

    Platinum Asia Investments Limited (PAI) has been established to provide investors with a convenient means of gaining exposure to the fast growing equities markets in the Asian Region (ex Japan) and to take advantage of the investment opportunities it presents. The investment objective of the...
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    EAI - Ellerston Asian Investment

    The investment strategy of Ellerston Asian Investment Limited (EAI) is to construct a concentrated portfolio of Asian Equity Securities using the Manager's high conviction style of investing which aims to identify high growth companies that are valued at a reasonable price. Unconstrained by...
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    Stock scanner for breakouts on Asian, European, Japanese and US bourses?

    Hi, I am a discretionary trader and had never use any scanning nor automated software before. So appreciate your good advice. I am wondering if there is any software or website, which can perform the following daily scans: 1. Breakouts (3 months or longer) 2. Daily end of day prices would...
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    What is good for range trading during the Asian session?

    I'm seeking something to range trade during Asian session . I already trade eur/usd. Does anyone trade the French CAC or something low-volatility in europe? Commodities?
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    Importing from Asia

    Afterreading another thread I wanted to ask a quick question. Does anyone here import from asia? How easy is the whole process? Any sites, companies or info for me to look at? Help would be much appreciated!