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  1. Joe Blow

    ASF Issues, Errors and Problems

    Good morning everyone. I am trying to diagnose a Chrome-related ASF login issue that a forum user is experiencing. When the user tries to log into ASF using Chrome browser on a laptop running Windows 10 Professional, an error message is received that says: Forbidden You don’t have permission...
  2. Garpal Gumnut

    Let us spare a thought for our Victorian ASF Members

    Let us spare a thought for our Victorian ASF members this weekend. gg
  3. Joe Blow

    Forum software upgrade on the way

    Time for an ASF update as there are big changes on the way. Many of you will remember the last forum software upgrade in late December 2016. Well, we are in for another one of those in approximately one to two months from now. The software we are currently using, while fine for present...
  4. Joe Blow

    ASF and Financial Advice

    Given that there has been a lot of newcomers arriving at ASF over the last couple of months, I thought that now was an appropriate time to remind everyone that none of the content posted on this website should be considered financial advice. If anyone here is seeking financial advice specific to...
  5. greggles

    ASF coronavirus infection thread

    ASF members, post here if you get infected with the coronavirus. I'm hearing mixed stories about how bad this thing actually is. It would be interesting to hear some first hand accounts. I don't know anyone who has been infected but they are saying that the rate of infection in Australia is...
  6. cb3d

    Privacy on ASF

    Hi guys, I only just checked this but without realising it I had my DOB details up for anyone to see. I'm pretty cautious about these things in general so it irks me that the default is to have this displayed for all to see. Yes I'm using a pseudonym but still not worth it having it out there...
  7. Joe Blow

    One million posts

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed the overall post count climbing steadily towards 1,000,000. Well today is the day that we pass that milestone. 25 July 2019. 15 years, 1 month and 28 days since ASF began the post count will move from six figures to seven figures. Thanks to...
  8. wayneL

    Far Right Members of ASF

    A little social experiment and a little follow on from the -isic -phobic thread: I'd just like to see and hopefully not generate any acrimony. Oft spoken or implied. Those of you who consider themselves center or left of center, who here would you consider "far Right" or "alt right", and most...
  9. CanOz

    Lets bring back the Trading and Investing focus to ASF!

    ASF is dying, post are dropping off. To be honest i'd rather see whats happening on another forum that is heavy on trading and doesn't tolerate political crap. If i want politics i'll visit the ABC... Lets bring back trading and investing to ASF where it is a sole focus! I miss the old ASF!
  10. Joe Blow

    ASF Indexed Reference Section Suggestions

    A good suggestion has been made to me that a thread be started in the Members Only Forum that takes the form of an indexed reference to useful content here at ASF. The large amount of content here at ASF means that newcomers often don't know where to start to find information on particular...
  11. Joe Blow

    ASF moving to HTTPS

    In the next couple of weeks ASF will be moving from HTTP to HTTPS, simply because it is becoming more important for websites to adopt the more secure protocol. I am hoping that everything will go smoothly when the changeover occurs and it will be mostly unnoticeable due to redirects being put...
  12. Joe Blow

    ASF migration to new software platform Q&A

    Good afternoon everyone. I thought I'd start this thread in advance of ASF migrating to a new software platform next month. The migration is tentatively scheduled for either Friday, 9 December or Friday, 16 December. I usually do these kind of large scale changes on a Friday evening as it...
  13. Joe Blow

    ASF Website Redesign

    I am starting this thread for all feedback and discussion relating to ASF's upcoming website redesign. The internet continues to evolve and the software platform ASF uses is getting dated and I have decided that it is now time to make some changes. When ASF migrates to a new platform I will...
  14. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums and CMC Markets 2016 reader survey

    Aussie Stock Forums and CMC Markets are proud to partner for the 2016 reader survey. The purpose of this short survey is to provide our valued audience the chance to share your needs and wants for this year and beyond on Aussie Stock Forums and CMC's platform. This is an ideal opportunity...
  15. Tyler Durden

    ASF Tours

    Just thought I'd share this pic :p:
  16. Joe Blow

    ASF Legal Defence Fund

    I have decided to shift all discussion of the ASF Legal Defence Fund to a dedicated thread. I have been contacted by an ASF member who is also the owner of a holiday cottage at Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. He has made the generous offer to auction off accommodation at the cottage for next...
  17. cynic

    ASF Spoilers Thread

    My answers: Answer to #6 the fridge magnet can be used to test if the purport replica is made of iron. Answer to #5 the fingerprints will be on the bottle of cleaner - he/she couldn't spray it with itself and couldn't use it without leaving his/her fingerprints. Answer to #4 The woman in...
  18. Joe Blow

    The General Chat forum at ASF

    The dominance of the General Chat forum at ASF continues to be a controversial issue and I have started this thread to gauge the sentiment of ASF members. Please vote in the poll above and feel free to post in this thread and let me know how you feel about the General Chat forum. I want to...
  19. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums 10th birthday competition!

    It was 10 years ago this month that I first registered the domain name, signed up for a cheap hosting account, installed some forum software and set about getting people to register and post. 10 years, and almost 21,000 threads and 800,000 posts later we're still around and...
  20. Joe Blow

    Your favourite ASF thread

    Merry Christmas everyone! :xmastree ASF is about nine and a half years old now, and more than 20,000 threads have been created in that time. There's some great threads out there, so I thought it's about time we had one thread to act as a reference point. Perhaps there's another one of these...