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  1. I

    Broker arbitrage

    Is broker arbitrage still possible these days? I mean on forex markets?
  2. H

    Potential arbitrage, different exchanges?

    Hi, My question is relatively simple: if a company is listen on multiple exchanges, is it possible to buy shares on one exchange, and then sell those same shares on the other exchange and extract an arbitrage? For example, if I bought RIO on the NYSE at USD$ 53.74 (AUD$59.25) and sold...
  3. bellenuit

    RaboDirect, Interactive Brokers, Interest Rate Arbitrage

    Am I missing something???? Currently Interactive Brokers are charging 4.21% interest on margin balances between AUD 100K and AUD 1m (under AUD 100K it is 4.71%). RaboDirect at call high interest savings account is paying 5.46% interest for the first 4 months for new accounts. So...