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  1. R

    Interactive Brokers TWS API - Excel download

    Hi I am trying to download ASX stock prices from Interactive Brokers TWS using a TWS API, so far without any luck. I have tried suggestions on this Forum without any luck I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks AlanH
  2. MovingAverage

    Brokers offering APIs

    I'm posting this here because I think it is more software related than broker related. I'm looking to automate entry of my orders--currently doing it manually. My current broker doesn't offer an API so I'd like to explore CHESS brokers that offer an API--if one exists. Anyone using such a...
  3. L

    RTD codes for AP Index (XJO) through Interactive Brokers

    Hi, I have some experience with RTD - but can't get it to work for the XJO through interactive brokers. I have the market data subscription, and to bring up the chart and options - IB has the XJO listed as the AP Index. I am using IB's sample excel document to start with (image attached) -...
  4. A

    3rd party API for Trader Workstation?

    Sorry, not sure if this is in the right forum. I would like to know if anyone is using a third party application program interface or plugin that connects via IB's TWS, where you are retrieving prices, options chains, placing your orders, etc, only on the third party interface. I'm trying to...
  5. S

    API - Australian Pharmaceutical Industries

    Is anyone following this stock? I have been short the last few days, but today's volumes were up a bit, maybe 2.5 mill by 4pm. This didn't fuss me, but on close volume ended up 9.5 mill, with large buy orders being put up in the initial moments of post market trade. I am no authority on this...
  6. Strw23

    Looking for ASX CFD API

    Hello All I am interested in developing an automated ASX CFD system and was wondering if anybody knows of any ASX CFD providers that have an API available. Scott