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  1. Student of Gann

    ANZ Call Option

    Hello I would appreciate some advice on selecting a good at the money call option for ANZ . My Cycle theory indicates Low for 10th July or 13th July so either 18.20 will be the low and price will move higher or we could trade a bit lower than that point and come back but Friday or Monday...
  2. peter2

    New ANZ share trading account (CMC platform)

    I'm unable to access the new ANZ trading platform. Log in page times out before loading. Would someone please confirm or not.
  3. Redbeard

    Share Brokers - ANZ vs. CBA?

    Which is the better online broker ANZ vs CBA.. I have my own view but I am interested in other peoples view based on their own experiences.| So over to everyone else....
  4. rb250660

    ANZ Pro desktop application

    Has anyone got any experience with this platform? ANZ's fee structure seems reasonable to me and the platform looks good.
  5. D

    ANZ Bonus Option Plan vs. Dividend Reinvestment Plan

    I recently bought some ANZ shares that I want to hold for the long term. They have two different types of plans regarding dividends. From what I can tell the main/only difference seems to be with the bonus option plan you don’t pay any tax on the dividend but then they are full CGT (from a $0)...
  6. gearloose

    Tax treatment for ANZ Bonus Options Plan

    Hi there Does anyone know how ANZ BOPs should be treated for tax purposes (inividual return)? in a dividend reinvestment Plan (DRP) arrangement you are effectively paid the cash & then you repurchase the shares from that cash/ YOu also get full details of franking arrangements. My reading...
  7. M

    Rising Cost Of Wholesale Funds For Banks

    The margins paid by Australian banks has been increasing in the wholesale markets. A good example of this is the listed security - CBAHA. This is a floating rate security that matures in December 2015 which pays a margin of 1.05% above the 90 day bank bill rate. The security is one of the few...
  8. S

    $12,500 to make first investment, split 4 ways or put it all in one company?

    Ive $12.5k to invest long-term in shares (5-30+ years), ive pretty much settled on the big 4 banks. General advice, would you suggest spreading evenly over the 4 (and paying the brokerage fees), 50/50 or just put it all in one?
  9. M

    Latest Home Loan Data

    The newspapers yesterday were fairly positive about home loan approval figures just released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Age newspaper: "A 4.4 per cent rise in home loans in May suggests the housing market is starting to pick up after the slowdown earlier in the year following...
  10. P

    ANZ Online Investment Account

    Is there anything like this: But with a lower starting investment?
  11. Ben10

    ANZ Convertible Preference Shares

    Just wondering exactly what this means You buy the for $100ea and you earn 2.5%????
  12. G

    ANZ to takeover Etrade

    Just saw the announcement this am - offering $4.05 - I wonder what this means for Etrade service?
  13. S

    Help with ANZ put - what do I do??!!

    hi WayneL ,richkid ,DTM.pcf..please can you suggest what should be done with my latest disaster or is all over...I bought puts ..yeah and it going against me ..ANZ 2206 julyo5.premium 66! obviously i have much to learn .. could someone give opinion as to likely out come ..? and could i buy more...
  14. M

    ANZ - ANZ Banking Group

    Price action this morning (only 20mins into morning) indicates that results are well received. Barring any dramatic sell off towards end of day, it *might* be a good one to buy at close and hang onto for a few days. Please do own research etc.