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annual returns

  1. Roller_1

    Day/Active trading annual return stats

    There seems to be a few people around ASF that are day traders on either equities, futures, FX etc also guys who may not be day traders but are doing a fair bit of active EOD trading. I am not a day trader nor do i really want to be at this stage, its seems like a tough job. My question is...
  2. O

    Monthly and Annual % Returns for ASX 200 and All Ords

    Hi Can anyone point me to a website where I can access monthly and annual percentage returns for common indices. I have looked at Commsec, the ASX, Yahoo finance and Google finance without success. These services do provide graphical data, but not the actual percentage returns. I found...
  3. Y

    Looking for the annual returns of the All Ords & ASX 200...

    Hi folks, I'm after the annual returns of the major indicies, even the major overseas inidicies if possible. I've tried searching but I've come up blank. Most of the results I've found are post 1987, no surprises there really, but I'd like to look at the results before then as well. Thanks.