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  1. bigdog

    ASX Daily Announcements

    ASX DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS This is my first attempt of creating and posting ASX daily Announcements Please access my Microsoft Excel file uploaded BELOW "ASX ANNOUNCEMENTS for POSTING to ASF" Announcements are in Company Name Sequence and then...
  2. galumay

    ASX Announcements Site

    A user on Twitter, @asxanns has created a useful website for all ASX announcements, he generally updates each trading day and the list is filterable and collapsable/expandable.
  3. B

    How to get market sensitive announcements automatically for a watchlist?

    So I'm with Commsec and they have a cool feature where you can subscribe to market sensitive alerts for stocks and they'll push the notification to your phone. I was wondering is there a similar feature that can do this but for an entire watchlist? I don't want to have to set them up for every...
  4. R

    NYSE/Nasdaq Announcement Section

    Hi All, Quick question to find if anyone knows of an announcement section similar to the ASX variety for NYSE/Nasdaq? I've had a skim of both websites and have either overlooked or cant find it. If there isn't something similar, is there a 3rd party version where information is collated...
  5. T

    Is there a database indicating past announcements and the trend of the share prices?

    Hi, When trading with ASX stocks, is there a database indicating past announcements and the trend of the share prices? For example, a new announcement came up, and some kind of database can search the past similar announcements to predict the future rise and falls
  6. W

    I don't understand company announcements

    Sorry, I'm new to this whole thing but I'm just wondering what Change in substantial holding means. I saw it in one of the announcement from Qantas Airways. I'm also not understanding why Preliminary Traffiic and Capacity Statistics are announced too and is it important? Is it going to affect...
  7. S

    Share price response to news

    Hey guys, For some of the investors who've witnessed plenty of obscene share price reactions to news I just wanted to get some thoughts. Recently, a stock called FAR exploded in response to oil being found off the coast of Senegal. With news announcements that big, would you generally...
  8. Craton

    Commsec stock announcement link errors

    I use Commsec and from time to time when I click on a company's announcement link within Commsec I get this error: The requested document could not be found. Other times I get a corrupted PDF error. Its not a big deal, I simply head over to the ASX site and find the announcement and all's...
  9. O

    Why do shares fluctuate without announcements?

    Newbie warning. :banghead: I am watching some ASX shares and they are experiencing some very slight fluctuations but the company has not announced anything. Why do shares fluctuate like this and who decides the share price? Thank you.
  10. Steve C

    Buying and selling off announcements vs. T/A

    Hi All, Just a point of discussion, do many of you here use the technique of buying/selling on the back of positive/negative announcements? It would seem that at times if you could get in quick there would be plenty of money to be made... Another question, how does T/A link in to these...
  11. S

    Finding pre-1998 announcements

    I am doing some research on a company, and they have taken over a project which has been explored in 1997 by Capricorn Resources, in joint venture with Australian Kimberley Diamonds Limited and Statelink Holdings Pty Ltd. How can i find the announcements from 1997? I have checked ASX goes...
  12. B

    RBA and interest rate announcements

    Anyone know where I can find historical info on interest rate rises/cuts? Doesn't appear to be anything on the RBA's site. Thanks PS - Now found something which may be useful -