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  1. O

    Best Mac/Android stock app

    Does anyone know a good app that will sync across a mac computer and android phone? I am using stockspy but find it a little buggy. Thanks!
  2. P

    iPad or Android tablet?

    I’m looking to get one of these, either the I Pad mini or Nexus 7 or Galexy tab 2, there are others but at the moment it comes down to these 3, the I pad is far more expensive but is it worth it ?, the nexus is the cheapest but is it as good ?, are you paying more for the I Pad as its an Apple...
  3. Joe Blow

    Aussie Stock Forums Mobile

    Those of you who access ASF using a mobile device such as an iPhone or an Android phone will be pleased to know that a dedicated ASF mobile app will be available soon. This app will be free for all ASF members and visitors. No specific release date has been set, but if all goes to plan it...