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andrew baxter

  1. C

    Australian Investment Education or Elite Futures Mastery?

    Has anyone here any experience trading with Australian Financial Education or what used to be Elite Futures Mastery?!? They are making the rounds at the moment and I went along to hear Harry Dent, who was only there in 'spirit' oh and by a pre-recorded video. I can't say I agree with his...
  2. grubram

    Peter Elsworth/Andrew Baxter

    I see Peter Elsworth and Andrew Baxter have teamed up and started another no doubt over priced forex trading room.Does anybody know how many other similar ventures these pair or as individuals have been involved with,I'm aware of several so I deleted the email quickly. Maybe just cynical
  3. M

    Elite Traders

    I am currently in the market for a futures trading platform with access to a live trading room with the option to piggy back trades by pros. I have looked at Elite Traders. Do you have any comments to offer on Elite or suggestions of other companies that do this well? I have been a...