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  1. So_Cynical

    Videos - Economics, Finance, Stock Picking and Analysis

    A Thread where all ASF contributors can post finance, economics and stock related videos. I watch a few every week and figured it would be a good idea to have a thread where we could collect the best of them, build a resource. I'll kick this of with a great video by Ray Dalio of Bridgewater...
  2. tech/a

    Volume-Price-Patterns-Context & Catalysts - Example Charts & Analysis

    As suggested I will post up charts with analysis to follow. I search for Volume Control Bars and save them to file. I have 2 searches (1) For Today (5) 5 Days ago so we can look for any patterns. Most VCB bars have price form an inside bar the next day,this is common Strong bars will continue...
  3. M

    Global Markets Dashboard

    What do people use to keep on top of various markets and individual stocks? Is there one dashboard to rule them all? Something that covers all global stock markets, currencies, indexes, commodities etc. Marketwatch is ok but it's really cluttered and has poor user experience flow especially...
  4. futureperth

    Commsec for trades, but what else for further charts/analysis?

    Good evening all, First post here, so here goes... I am using Commsec for my actual trades/orders, and subscribed to morningstar for some extra recommendations. I tested out IRESS last night and gosh it was horrible, so i unsubscribed and came across Turbo Trader which seems to have a...
  5. mcgrath111

    Questions & Analysis - Mcgraths learning thread

    Hi All, I'm starting a thread to keep my learnings on track, which have largely stagnated the last few months. My aim for this thread is to gain feedback from the greater ASF members around some analysis of stocks I'm going to compile. The analysis will be on a variety of stocks that...
  6. CanOz

    Euro Bund - FGBL Analysis

    Just realised there was no thread for the Bund. You can see the Bund has been trading in a large bracket since June 2016, Brexit. Today's much anticipated announcement on UK GDP is pretty relevant. :2twocents We could finally see this bracket fail, or have a stellar short covering...
  7. aussiedaytrader

    ASX200 Day trading: comments, analysis and opinions

    Hi everyone I'm wondering if any day traders in ASX 200 index (futures or CFD) around here? I am planning to keep a kind of trading journal in here with my comments and opinions related to aussie index and looking for day trades or short term trades - note that this is not intended to be any...
  8. C

    Anyone want some free Elliott Wave analysis on Stocks? Daily TF and above?

    Hi guy's. I'm currently trading forex. But when it comes to Elliott wave analysis, a chart is a chart, it makes no difference what the market is. I'd like to give anyone who is interested a free count with suggestion's on Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit Levels. Who's keen? Craig.
  9. P

    My Daily Analysis

    Gold Analysis for 20April Gold is currently trading with bullish bias. Expect gold to trade in the higher ranges with a target at 1271. A clear breakout above 1272 will push the price further to the upperside with the next target at 1290
  10. F

    Historical fundamental data for a quantitative analysis

    Been doing a bit of reading on a quantitative approach (Ie quantitative value investing ala montier or greenblatt or qv). Interesting stuff, but wondering if there is raw historical asx company fundamental data that is accessible to a retail investor like me on which I can do scans using...
  11. O

    Using Fourier analysis to determine market cycles

    Hi everyone Has anyone make use of Fourier analysis when evaluating med/long term share cycles? If so, how successful were they? How did you use them? Thanks ottg
  12. TPI

    How to analyse market depth?

    Hi, Just referring to the screenshot below of the market depth at a particular point in time for stock VET (just picked this stock as it is topical), how do you go about analysing the market depth? Can you gain anything meaningful by doing this? This is what I can interpret from it...
  13. galumay

    Cash Flow Analysis

    I am slowly educating myself a little more about cash flow, its quite a complicated subject I am finding! I have picked up the basic formula for free cash flow calculated by taking operating cash flow and subtracting capital expenditures. I am unsure exactly which items I should regard as...
  14. pavilion103

    FTSE Futures Trading - Analysis and Discussion

    With the popularity of the "Transition to Futures" thread attracting participants from many markets, I have decided to start a "break away" thread specific to analysis and discussion of the FTSE futures index for those who may wish to discuss this particular market more closely. I will be...
  15. P

    GBP/CHF Analysis

    GBP/CHF in recent weeks, has been experienced many reformation with a gradual Downtrend that Sellers Down price increases obtained the lowest price of is obvious in the picture below, the price by reaching to the ascending trend line made of 2 Bottom prices has been stopped from more...
  16. D

    Would you pay for this analysis service? - Feedback Wanted

    Hi all, Whilst doing an assignment/report on GrainCorp regarding financial statement analysis. A random business idea came to mind. I know that there are providers like Morningstar and the similar providers of analysis information. But what if you were to create a business that offered it...
  17. F

    Stock Broker Company Analysis/Projections - How often are they right?

    So stockbrokers often do analysis of companies. I know they are probably a little bias towards the buy side. But how often are they right? I only ask this because i want to buy a particular stock and i just read a glowing report on it from shaw stockbroking. So i just wanted to see what...
  18. S

    Technical analysis of the market - a sounding board

    G'day folks, In the past I have invested based purely on the business reports etc and recommendations on my shareholder site. This has yielded approximately 0% return over the past few years. So, over the past week or so while I have had time off work recovering from an operation, I decided...
  19. G

    10 year total shareholder return - any studies?

    Do you think it would be useful to study the total return to shareholders over a period of 10 years - data taken from Commsec (Morningstar) - basically look back at what information was available 10 years ago and what companies would you have bought, and what would have been your 10 year return...
  20. Dominover

    Valuing Equity Options - (Financial Statement Analysis)

    Would anyone know how to treat Equity Options mentioned in a companies financial statements? Should I be valuing these or treating them like ordinary shares? So far I haven't come across any books mentioning what to do with these. Any books / article suggestions on this would be great...