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  1. shoeshineshare

    AMP may not pay up for AMP Capital Notes AMPPA

    AMP (ASX:AMP) has the opportunity to squeeze some blood from a stone, by not paying the face value of the AMP Capital Notes (ASX:AMPPA), if it dares to do so. The reason I use "dare" is that the conditions attached to the Capital Notes, if I understand their prospectus, will allow AMP to say...
  2. G

    AXA/AMP outcomes?

    Hi there Just a question on people's views on what might happen to the share prices if/when the AXA/AMP acquisition goes ahead. I'm only a very small investor (and a very new one too!) but I was thinking of cashing-in the old AXA shares and using the funds to start playing with the market in an...
  3. sam21poddy

    AMP - AMP Limited

    AMP is trading higher today (up 2.5%) from a trading range of 5.20/5.35 up to 5.69. I can't see any news items on AMP. Why is it suddenly going up against the backdrop of a falling market? Does anyone know. Of course I sold my AMP yesterday for a miniscule profit after holding onto it for...