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  1. E

    Potash - where is the Aussie industry at?

    Interested in any thoughts on the AUS potash industry. Lots seem to be said by participants but struggling to see tangible progress. AMN leading the industry at least in value. SO4 have not delivered on several commitments. RWD appear in a spiral (with some of my funds stuck in there) and...
  2. springhill

    AMN - Agrimin Limited

    Conclurry Metals are a Qld based explorer, looking for gold/silver in Mexico, and everything else you can imagine in Qld. Current SP 3c MC approx $3m Shares on issue 97.5m 12 month high/low 10c/2c Cash at EOQ $1.2m Expenses this quarter 700k Small time gold hits in mexico. Lots of...