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  1. K

    Help for Amibroker to change symbol prefix

    I need a script to change the name of the prefix for a lot of symbol in the Amibroker Database. I have many stock with "AU_" by prefix (one example is: AU_AAC) and I want to change in: AU:AAC Can anyone help me to change all symbol symbols automatically with a script (without change it...
  2. L

    Amibroker is complicated: Help!

    So I have bought Amibroker Pro (Latest version 6.10) Paid for the Norgate Premium ASX daily charts PLUS 1 time ASX historical chart. Intalled EVERYTHING correctly including the amibroker script so it can integrate norgate. Done everything required to install the data (followed norgates step...
  3. darkhorse70

    Please help me define Amibroker formulas!

    Hey so I desparetly need some help with understanding the function of the formulas on amibroker. Its been a week of no progress.. and I cant handle it. Ive ordered a book by Howard Bandy, hopefully it aids in my understanding of formula functions along the way. So I do not understand what...
  4. M

    Amibroker: Help with loop + backtest

    Hello, guys! First post and I'm already asking, hun... :rolleyes: I've been working on a simple system 1 - buy when the prices are above the MA and it touchs the MA (At the price of MA. I call the point of the touch "ProjectedMA" 2 - Sell when the prices are above the MA and it...
  5. D

    Need help with Amibroker code - Please

    Hello everybody, I am going crazy trying to do what I thought would be something simple but whatever I do I end up with weird results.:banghead: I have some code below that is basically a linear regression channel. I want to incorporate it into my trading system as a trend indicator. I...
  6. J

    Amibroker help

    Hi all, Im 25, have some money put away for share trading, have about 5K so far, but working on that every month.. I have a copy of Amibroker (registered) and have been playing with it tonight, I have imported the ASX codes into the database (from a script I found on this site).. But how do...