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amibroker coding

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    Amibroker Coding - Please help :(

    Please help. I'm trying to simply make a buy strategy if the current bar closes below 75% of the previous bar. My code below does not work and would appreciate your guidance please. priorday = Ref(c, -1); calculate = (-.25 * priorday); buy = calculate
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    Amibroker coding

    hi, i recently purchased amibroker. the coding that you need will take a long time to learn. i have tried to use some from the afl library and they dont seem to be much good written a couple of basic ones where im using ma crossovers and in back testing im getting some decent results. using...
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    Amibroker - Coding a consolidation pattern followed by a bullish bar

    Hello, I want Amibroker to Buy if there has been: - a consolidation (flatline/ small bars moving between a small price range) , and - this is followed by a breakout bar ( ie a medium/ large bullish bar) that looks significant compared to the consolidation bars. I have coded this. But...
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    Amibroker Coding - combining Long & Short?

    hi, i've been learning and testing with a long system ever since I started on AB recently. i'd like to combine the long with a short system to see how it performs under different conditions. I don;t know how and if this is "the way its done in AB". I realise i am new to AB and probably...