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  1. Steve C

    Amibroker - Changing Bollinger Band parameters - code?

    Hi everyone, Sorry for such a basic question, but I have read the Amibroker manual, and searched pages and pages on Google and can't find the answer. Basically, I want to change the parameters on the Bollinger Band to a 100 day moving average with the upper band set to 3 standard...
  2. R

    Can any Amibroker pros tell me what's wrong with this code?

    Im trying to use a paramlist in one pane to control the title text in another pane. So far, I've come up with the following code which, although probably very crude, is almost there but I must be doing something wrong which I cant quite figure out. Thanks. //code in the pane containing the...
  3. C

    Need some help understanding some Amibroker code

    Hi Guys, I am a bit of a newbie in Amibroker. I found this code which dates back 10 years BUT it gives me signals that are not too bad on the assets I track. Could anyone help me make sense of what is happening inside please? I tried to contact the programmer but the email bounced...
  4. R

    Amibroker code for EMA? (or convert formula from Metastock to Amibroker?)

    Does anyone know the full AFL code to create a custom EMA? Alternatively, if somone could help me convert the following Metastock formula, it would be most appreciated! Pds:= 200; Rate:=2 / (Pds+1); M:=If(Cum(1)=1, C, PREV*(1-Rate) + C*Rate ); ValueWhen(1,Cum(1)>=Pds,M);
  5. T

    Amibroker - Coding a consolidation pattern followed by a bullish bar

    Hello, I want Amibroker to Buy if there has been: - a consolidation (flatline/ small bars moving between a small price range) , and - this is followed by a breakout bar ( ie a medium/ large bullish bar) that looks significant compared to the consolidation bars. I have coded this. But...
  6. CNHTractor

    Amibroker code - Rotational Trading - Frank Hassler

    I have seen the following article I am using a trial of the Amibroker charting software to see whether I can support my trading and have been investigating some trading systems to see how they work - objective to...
  7. R

    Amibroker - correct code for a scale on the left?

    I'm trying to plot an indicator in the same pane as the Price but need it to have its own scale on the left. Ive been playing around with the code inserting different variations using "StyleOwnScale" and "StyleLeftAxisScale" but somehow the plot and scale just doesn't look correct. Basically...
  8. T

    Amibroker ZigZag Code

    In Amibroker, Theres already "ZigZag" Pre-defined function. But, im wondering where i can find that code (the code inside ZigZag Function).if anyone could provide this code for me it would be greatful. Thank you.
  9. CanOz

    Amibroker - Useful Scans and Code

    I thought i might start this thread to place some interesting code that i come across in other forums etc. Makes it a little easier to find and we can share interesting things as well. This code looks for line that you've drawn as support or reistance. I have not tried this yet, but just...
  10. D

    Need help with Amibroker code - Please

    Hello everybody, I am going crazy trying to do what I thought would be something simple but whatever I do I end up with weird results.:banghead: I have some code below that is basically a linear regression channel. I want to incorporate it into my trading system as a trend indicator. I...
  11. D

    ZigZag with retracements on Amibroker

    Hello guys, I'm trying to code a piece of code in AFL to get Zigzag retracements. I found something on the library which unfortunately didn't work properly so I'm trying to fix it. _SECTION_BEGIN("ZigZag Retracement"); function GetXSupport(Lo, Percentage, Back) { return ((BarCount -...