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  1. jasf020205

    Amibroker AFL Code - Keep Stoch RSI Crossover Signal Valid Until K Crosses 50

    Question for Amibroker users: I am coding a system to backtest. One of the signals is a crossover of the K & D lines of the Stochastic RSI. I want the signal to be valid until the K reaches a certain threshold. (E.g. There is a cross down in the overbought region (K>80) and this signal should...
  2. W

    Amibroker Coding - Please help :(

    Please help. I'm trying to simply make a buy strategy if the current bar closes below 75% of the previous bar. My code below does not work and would appreciate your guidance please. priorday = Ref(c, -1); calculate = (-.25 * priorday); buy = calculate
  3. W

    Stale Exit - Amibroker

    I am trying to code a stale exit. My code thus far is: Stale = 20; StaleStop = ROC(C, Stale) < 0; Sell = SellingCross OR StaleStop; I still have a trailing stop that will trigger as well. My current issue is that I am having my new positions exited too prematurely. I would prefer that my...
  4. K


    How I can send stock in a selected watchlist "ordered by price (from the lowest to the highest)" using AFL after an exploration? if anyone reply me I explain better my question. (I have AB 6.20) Thanks in advance Kiss
  5. L

    Technical Analysis Books and Amibroker AFLs

    Hi Guys I'm LeonSL from Sri Lanka. By accidents I found this forum & here I am. I'm quite interested in TAs & use Amibroker for charting. So you guys pls direct me to be a good trader by recommending good TA books & AMI AFLs. Tnx
  6. T

    Amibroker - Coding a consolidation pattern followed by a bullish bar

    Hello, I want Amibroker to Buy if there has been: - a consolidation (flatline/ small bars moving between a small price range) , and - this is followed by a breakout bar ( ie a medium/ large bullish bar) that looks significant compared to the consolidation bars. I have coded this. But...
  7. R

    Amibroker AFL for stock quote page?

    Hello, Does anyone have an AFL to set up a stock quote page similar to what other software packages have like Ensign, NinjaTrader etc? If you are using realtime data in AB then AB has it and it is very useful for keeping track of multiple stocks. The quote page I'm speaking about has the last...
  8. K

    Amibroker: One trade per day

    Maybe someone can help me ? On each day I have 2 signals: a)Buy then Sell or b)Short then Cover How to make Amibroker after second signal not to open (reverse) another trade the same day ? In other words - I don't want to be all the time in the market. Code in AFL would be very...