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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    ALP Mates Appointments: ABC Compromised

    Does the stench of the last government never end. A report in the Australian tends to compromise one of their star performers, a former Whitlam staffer, Barrie Cassidy. When will the legacy of the last 6 years end? One wonders whether the independence of the Insiders programme has not...
  2. MrBurns

    Tanya Plibersek

    Anyone heard of this before ?
  3. Joe Blow

    Federal Labor Party discussion

    In an attempt to stop endless new threads being started about various single issues relating to Australia's political parties, I have decided to start a few threads that are intended for the general discussion of each party. There will also be a thread started for the discussion of all minor...
  4. Garpal Gumnut

    No jokes under ALP

    It is interesting that the more entangled in the heroics of the winky wanky bird impersonation that the ALP get, they are now attempting to banish humour from our airwaves. Tony Abbott is being lambasted for an off the cuff remark this morning on 3AW, about the Italian cruise ship disaster...
  5. drsmith

    Labor's carbon tax lie Go Tony. Here's more. Wayne Swan's remarks during the election campaign...
  6. Calliope

    The Gillard Government

    If Oakeshott does accept Gillard's job offer as Minister for Pork-Barrelling, it will be interesting to see how this verbose clown will confine his answers in question time to four minutes. And you can be sure he will be getting plenty of questions.
  7. I

    Useless Labor Party

    Always have been a swinging voter ..... always will be. This time I'll vote Labor only because Sophie Panopolous is my sitting Liberal member and I wouldn't give her the steam off my vote if my life depended on it. That aside, when is the Labor Party going to sort out their mess? They are...