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  1. S

    List of components of All Ords in the past

    Hello, Where can I find the list of components of All Ords in 2009, 2010, 2011, etc. ? I've tried everywhere but I can't find it.
  2. L

    All Ords Cumulative AD Line not making sense to me

    Hey all Can someone help me understand this indicator please? In Stan's Weinstein's book he suggests that this indicator should decline before the overall market declines. Conversely, It will ascend before the overall market does. I am current comparing the #XAOAD (All Ords Cumulative...
  3. Bill M

    ALL ORDS went nowhere for 7 YEARS!

    Every year I work the percentage gain or loss for the year on the final day of trading. This year the ALL ORDS closed down 15%. We are down a whopping 40% since our highs in October 2007 some 4 years ago.:eek: Worst of all, the ALL ORDS hit 4111 back in Jan 2005, so for 7 years we have...
  4. C

    XAO Banter Thread

    ok, so here we can talk and freely express our opinions of the markets. Ok my feeling is that it looks like we got a major correction on our hands, the FTSE is down 1% and the Dow is likely to open lower, most likely close lower as well. We should see a correction down to 4550 initially...
  5. O

    Monthly and Annual % Returns for ASX 200 and All Ords

    Hi Can anyone point me to a website where I can access monthly and annual percentage returns for common indices. I have looked at Commsec, the ASX, Yahoo finance and Google finance without success. These services do provide graphical data, but not the actual percentage returns. I found...
  6. kennas

    XAO Technical Analysis

    Just thought I'd start a thread just on analysing the XAO. Anyone who has a diffent version of where they think the All Ords might be heading please feel free to post an alternate, or different perspective. This might be an opportnity for any other T/As to put their particular analysis on...
  7. A

    What's Up With The All Ords??

    Wow. All Ords just opened DOWN 24 pts. Was a time when the AO almost religously followed the DJIA. But lately it is all over the shop. More often than not the past few weeks, it has opposed the DJIA (ie: when Dow is down, we are slightly up or when Dow is up, we go down!) Anyone hazard a...