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  1. 5937539859582754

    Algorithimic/quantative trading?

    People on Aussie Stock Forums, does anyone have much experience in Algo/quant trading? I'm looking to get better in the area. I'm 2 years off finishing my university degree (I do computer science and economics) and enjoy the computer science side a lot more than economics. I'd think about doing...
  2. N

    Fixed fractional position sizing in algo trading?

    Hello, I have a question I'm hoping to understand. With discretionary trading, you can use fixed fractional position size by calculating the risk because you already know where to put your stop loss based on previous support lines. E.g. Calculate so you put your positions to risk 1% of your...
  3. pollen

    Futures Trading Systems Algorithmic Strategies

    hello to all the beautiful forum I'm a futures trading enthusiast in general I often use algorithmic automated systems , I wanted to exchange some opinions about services that you use and that you think are reliable , about receiving medium-term operational signals on futures indices
  4. jjbinks

    Python - getting started

    There's been much talk about python. Over the years I have completed a number of online courses on python, and data science with python. However, I have never really used python outside of this courses. I've finally decided to start using python first to back test some ideas. Then also try...
  5. T

    One Page Yahoo Wonderithm

    I recently made a bet with a family member who happens to be very high up in the big 4. He seems to think that investing takes a huge amount of skill whereas I like to argue that that anyone that can follow a simple model will do fairly well for themselves. After seeing the other posts on this...
  6. C

    High Frequency Trading/Algorithmic Trading Question - Information Needed

    Hi there, I urgently need to accumulate a list of organisations with at least a significant presence in Australia who use HFT/Algorithmic trading. It's for an assignment, and Google is not helping! Even if you only know a couple/a few, hopefully I can put together a decent list. Any help...
  7. P

    Algorithmic trading system

    Hi all, I am looking to set up an algorithmic trading system, and wonder whether anyone has any advice on how to go about this. As background, I'm technically competent (Matlab, C, Bash, Linux), and I have been analysing historical end-of-day-data, and have developed a strategy that I'd...