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  1. N

    Fixed fractional position sizing in algo trading?

    Hello, I have a question I'm hoping to understand. With discretionary trading, you can use fixed fractional position size by calculating the risk because you already know where to put your stop loss based on previous support lines. E.g. Calculate so you put your positions to risk 1% of your...
  2. S

    Amibroker Trading System Collection with Backtest Report

    Hi, Thought of sharing a good collection of trading systems coded in Amibroker with their respective backtest report. Each of these systems are backtested on Indian stocks/indices. I have personally tried some of them on ASX stocks too and it looks good. Please share your thoughts whether...
  3. C

    High Frequency Trading/Algorithmic Trading Question - Information Needed

    Hi there, I urgently need to accumulate a list of organisations with at least a significant presence in Australia who use HFT/Algorithmic trading. It's for an assignment, and Google is not helping! Even if you only know a couple/a few, hopefully I can put together a decent list. Any help...
  4. waza1960

    Successful FX Algo Trading (the hows and whys)

    I have been successfully autotrading FX live using MT4 for over 3.5 months now. So I feel it is time to post some results and look forward to debating some of my approaches with the community. So my results are from trading 10c/pip as I regard the trading to date as (live Testing) So the...