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  1. B

    Free CCI alerts?

    Does anyone know of a free platform or similar that allows CCI alerts? I trade on IG Markets and SAXO, have used CMC, & CommSec previously although none allow for CCI alerts. TradingView allows CCI alerts but at $260 p/a for only 30 alerts or $415 p/a for 400 alerts its a lot of money for an...
  2. M

    Australian trading platforms and brokers vs. Ninjatrader

    I currently use Commsec to trade on the ASX and am looking for a more advanced trading platform with advanced charting capabilities with live data to set price targets, stops etc on charts to send active email alerts on multiple stocks. Can anyone recommend the best trading platform / broker /...
  3. Glen48

    Trade Alerts

    Hello, Any one giving out T/A??
  4. S

    Market bottom and bubble alerts!

    I'm not sure if this is the best forum for this thread but time will tell. It can always be moved later. Market bottoms and bubbles both provide opportunities to profit from the inevitable recovery or correction. The big question is, how big will a bubble grow before bursting and when will a...
  5. R

    Software that will do trendline alerts?

    I've been using Metastock for many, many years, and am now looking to switch to a new platform. Is anybody aware of any software (or software with a plug-in) that can do either of the following? 1) Create trendline alerts on a manually drawn trend line (e.g. on a breakout) 2) Reference a...
  6. brerwallabi

    Outstanding Dead Cat Bounce Alerts!

    We have a outstanding breakout alert thread so why not a dead cat bounce alert thread. Anyone keen to trade CCP?