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    Investing strategy in "Invest My Way" by Alan Hull: Any experience?

    Hi all, I'm new to learning about stocks and investing. I started by reading a few books on investment strategies. This book and the information in it looks pretty good, I just wanted to know if anyone has used or is using the strategy described by him, and what is/was their experience?? Thanks
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    Alan Hull - "Invest My Way" Stock Screener

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has read the Alan Hull Book "Invest My Way" ( ? I have just designed a fully programmable Microsoft Access database that uses free public data (Technical and Fundamental) so you can see which stocks...
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    Hull's breakout trading strategy (short term)

    hi while i've been waiting for the market to start to rise again, i've been studying how to trade in other directions (i need the money , so that's why ). i came across one of Hull's systems designed for falling and sideways markets (short term trading). do you anyone tried it b4? reckon...
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    Alan Hull - Books, Newsletters and Strategies - Do they work?

    Hi All I got into share trading around May 2011. A mate learnt me Alan Hull's book "Active Investing" which was good to get me into the mind set of being a share trader and to learn the basics around charting and fundamental analysis. I then started using his actvest news letter and have...
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    Experience using Alan Hull's Blue Chip report?

    Hi, I am looking at suscribing to Alan Hull's Blue Chip Report (this also includes his ActVest Newsletter) and would like to know if anyone has had any experience using this, either good or bad, and what sort of returns they have achieved? Thanks