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  1. E

    ASX Stocks exposed to potential Agri/Food Shortage

    With the potentially impending reliance on Australia being the 'food bowl' for Asia and surrounds I was wondering if anyone knew of any ASX listed Stocks that have exposure to future demand in this area, or any advice? Thanks
  2. V

    Follow thy leader... Mining < Agriculture

    Hello all, First off I just want to say I know nothing about what I'm talking about. I joined here to learn, and apart from super have not delved into shares. I think I'm picking up (very slowly) a few hints and bits of advice. One thing that sticks in my mind is (i think Tech/a said...
  3. trainspotter

    The future of Australian agriculture

    Well seeing how we are a takeover target from the "yellow peril from the North" (please no racist overtones here) and the good 'ol USA ... thought it might be interesting to gauge the ASFers collective cognitive powers on our foreign investment policy. Here is a good place to start:- IT is...
  4. chops_a_must

    Agriculture/Food Stocks

    With all the action in agriculture over the last few years, and the plays on ag stocks recently, I'm surprised with the lack of discussion surrounding them. Why is this? It's an obvious growth industry, in demand from overseas buyers, so what are the downsides? And do any people here...
  5. B

    El Niño - agriculture investing

    I just finished watching a documentary on SBS about el nino and one point stood out to me, they said they had become very good at predicting it. Since an el nino phenomenon causes extreme drought in australia and can pretty reliably be detected months before it occurs, it begs the question...