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  1. System

    AGM - Australian Governance and Ethical Index Fund

    The objective of the Australian Governance and Ethical Index Fund is to achieve long term capital appreciation, while reducing risk and preserving capital, through investments in securities within the S&P/ASX100 Index that exhibit relatively high levels of governance, social and environmental...
  2. Uncle Festivus

    AGM in Melbourne - where to stay & tax deductions?

    Howdy, I'm looking to attend the AGM of one of my companies next week and was wondering - accomodation - cheap & clean 3-4 star type, close to State Library of Victoria Conference Centre, in La Trobe Street - looking at Mayflower On Lonsdale - any good? what expenses can I claim as a tax...
  3. C

    AGMs and tax

    Whats the go with going to an AGM in another state and claiming the expenses as a tax deduction?
  4. N

    AGM - Allegiance Mining

    (My name says it all!) Have been reading up on charting and have been trying to follow a few stocks. I'm new to most of this so tolerate any ignorance. This stock today up on better than normal volume and approaching what I feel is a strong resistance line. Does anyone follow this stock and...