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  1. M

    Confused about when you need an AFSL

    Hi all. In a general sense, would you need an AFSL for any of the following? Creating an automated (Forex) trading system which is only used by myself (with the source code privately hosted on GitHub). I will only be trading my own money. Creating my own journalling software which is only used...
  2. U

    Australian Financial Services Licence

    Hello all, I'm thinking about providing some technical analysis course in Australia as an individual. The trainings will solely be focused on educational aspects and I wont provide any buy/sell advice on any products (stocks, options, software and etc). Do you by any chance know if I need an...
  3. M

    Small Prop Firm and ASIC/AFSL

    Now a days in Australia anything to do with Financial trading even education requires an AFSL/ ACL etc ( which as a consumer is good as perhaps it stops dodgy "snake oil salesperson" at bay.. but that is another subject) Does anybody know If a person/ group wishes to start a very very small...
  4. mofotrader

    Hire/Rent an AFS Licence

    Looking for an umbrella/institution Or persons I can become an AFS Licensee. Does anyone know of any setups/companies OR Persons in Australia where by you can work with and pay a percentage fee for the use of the AFS Licence ? I have the software, the systems (all of which can be adjusted to...
  5. mofotrader

    AFS Licence Needed Or Not?

    Hi, I am currently going to be trading for other clients in their own name through a Family and Advisors Account on Interactive Brokers. The account will be opened up in my name and the sub accounts will be in the name of the Clients/corporate entity (so can trade margin). Now on ASIC they...
  6. S

    Need to obtain AFSL authorised representative for FX MT4 trading

    Hi Can any one point me to the direction or web-site or any offer in doing fx trading under authorised representative arrangement? what is the market monthly charge is like ? we do on-line FX trading on mt4 (off-shore) appreciate any suggestion. samsiu
  7. A

    Help finding an AFSL credited writer

    Hi Everyone. I've been a long time lurker however recently I have been asked to find someone who holds an Australian Financial Services License to write a few articles on behalf of my client. As you can imagine finding someone who holds this and is willing to write some articles is not an...
  8. N

    Help with obtaining Australian financial services licence

    I am looking for help with trying to obtain an australian financial services licence so i can teach seminars in australia. i have e mailed asic and they said that i need a licence but won't offer any help on how to obtain one.I live in new zealand and the rules are a lot more casual over here...