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  1. C

    My letter on Wellard published by AFR

    by Letters Wellard never in the running Aaron Patrick must be lauded for a well written analysis ("Cattle IPO burned investors", September 19). The economic rationale of a business that imported ships from China to help export cattle to Asia and the Middle East should have been...
  2. Dominover

    EPS in Australian Financial Review Share Tables?

    This is a rather menial question but I though there may be some logic behind it. Can anyone tell me why the Earnings Per Share figures shown in the Australian Financial Review share tables is based on Gross Profit while individual companies report EPS based on Net Profit? I would have though...
  3. R

    About time, AFR on iPad

    I thought these mob never get out of the dinosaur age... My iPad 3 now got a lot more use and share time with flipboard apps

    ALM - Alma Metals

    Should start the thread on AER, EVE's uranium spin off vehicle, IPO was at 25c, should list at 50c minimum. More info to come.