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  1. Garpal Gumnut

    AFL Grand Final to be at The Gabba

    It would appear from reports that more Mexicans are migrating to The Sunshine State with their version of Netball. I do hope these chappies are given language and couth lessons so that we can understand and perhaps tolerate their peculiar ways...
  2. B

    Amibroker AFL colors the Price (red or green) depends on yesterday Price

    Hello, I tried to use the If....else...statement to for the DD variable in the below code to change of current price to either red or green depends on its current value to yesterday closing price. However, it have no luck so far. The below is a piece of code that I tried to work on. Will you...
  3. jbocker

    AFL NRL etc 2020

    OK Crown are allowed to operate under distancing rules. So why not have the same for sporting grandstands Every 2nd or 3rd seat active and every second row vacant. Hot Dogs and drinks only available by roaming sellers up and down vacant aisles. Shops closed. Staggered entry. Will allow clubs...
  4. S

    Amibroker AFL... What's the difference?

    Hello all, I have tested the below two sellif statements (separately)...otherwise the code is identical in the Amibroker AFL. What I am trying to understand is why the back test result is substantially different using the two statements. Obviously they are processing the exit conditions...
  5. Austwide

    Amibroker's AFL and Amiquote

    I went to purchase Amibroker Premium, but until I start using it I am not sure if the AFL and Amiquote options are useful. AFL looks like I would use it initially at least. Amiquote, I will be getting ASX data from Norgate and currently only trade ASX. Amiquote may be of use if I did start...
  6. C

    AFL stoch, macd, overbought

    StochK<30=>checking stoch crossup and macd crossup=>buy if line of stoch and line of macd cross up from 30 to 50 in range=>buy if next bar or next few bar can't crossup over 50 and drop down below 30=>sell if stoch crossdown and macd crossdown StochK>70=>sell I coded as below and ran it in...
  7. ProphetMines

    Rebalancing code Amibroker

    I have a nice monthly trading system which backtests well over 20 years I've live traded for one year. Now I am interested to see the effect of rebalancing once a year, probably at the end of May or December. I am trying to find or write my own rebalancing code. I've got pretty vanilla...
  8. D

    Position size AFL help needed

    The system I am testing opens random number of positions every day (Long only), and closes at the end of the day (yesterday bought 4 stocks, today bought 10 stocks, etc.). I am trying to allocate the same % of equity to each position, but since the number of positions is different every day I am...
  9. S

    Amibroker Trading System Collection with Backtest Report

    Hi, Thought of sharing a good collection of trading systems coded in Amibroker with their respective backtest report. Each of these systems are backtested on Indian stocks/indices. I have personally tried some of them on ASX stocks too and it looks good. Please share your thoughts whether...
  10. K

    Help for Amibroker to change symbol prefix

    I need a script to change the name of the prefix for a lot of symbol in the Amibroker Database. I have many stock with "AU_" by prefix (one example is: AU_AAC) and I want to change in: AU:AAC Can anyone help me to change all symbol symbols automatically with a script (without change it...
  11. W

    Financial Astrology With AmiBroker

    Financial Astrology With AmiBroker - Mercury Retrograde Event & Market Collapse! After doing some R&D, I found that the relationship between two planets can be correlated with the Market Index movement. Please note this is not a 100% correlation but upto 60 to 70%...
  12. R

    How to turn the following AFL into a scan/exploration?

    Hello, How can I turn the following AFL into a scan/exploration where it selects stocks trading at 80 or above as well as stocks trading 20 or below? Thank you for any and all help. _SECTION_BEGIN("Stochastic Slow"); periods = Param( "Periods", 14, 1, 200, 1 ); Ksmooth = Param( "%K avg", 3, 1...
  13. R

    Bollinger Band Squeeze Scan/Exploration

    Hello, Does anyone know where I can get an AFL that gives me the formula for BBSqueeze but would also allow me to scan a list of Canadian stocks? I use EOD data for my trading. Thank you. Tim
  14. R

    Stock Pattern AFL Scan for Amibroker

    Has anyone developed an AFL scan that can select stock patterns like wedges, triangles, etc? Thank you. Tim
  15. Tisme

    ABC Bias Against AFL and League

    I have put up with it long enough, but finally I have to say I am fed up with my taxpayer money being spent on the "breakfast Show" pushing the soccer agenda. This morning the sports section was once again lead and dominated by the "beautiful world game" (sic) which is double annoying for me...
  16. R

    Amibroker AFL for stock quote page?

    Hello, Does anyone have an AFL to set up a stock quote page similar to what other software packages have like Ensign, NinjaTrader etc? If you are using realtime data in AB then AB has it and it is very useful for keeping track of multiple stocks. The quote page I'm speaking about has the last...
  17. P

    Convert AmiBroker Formula Language into MultiCharts PowerLanguage

    Does anyone know who offers system code conversion service? Want to convert AmiBroker Formula Language into MultiCharts PowerLanguage. It's a complete system with practical interface to adjust various settings, apart from Operating code it also includes Monte Carlo Simulation Code.
  18. sptrawler

    AFL 2014

  19. sptrawler

    Has AFL morphed into WWF?

    It is really funny but my other half watched and was fanatical about footy, didn't interest me much. However now she doesn't watch it, because she thinks it's like the WWF, just a pantomime. Is she right? is it rigged?
  20. chops_a_must

    The AFL Discussion Thread

    Surprised I couldn't find a thread on this topic. So this is for those people who don't want to talk with those Essingdon people. And also to all those west coast fans, nerrrrr! Jam it up your clacker!