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  1. L

    Intrinsic Value

    G'day. I understand i'm new here but after browsing around i couldn't find any answers specific to my question, or find any rules stating that this is improper, so apologies if it is. I have been reading and trying to learn about the stock market for about a year or two now, (im 18) and ive been...
  2. A

    Seeking a bit of guidance

    Hi all, First time posting. I am looking for a bit of advice regarding what would be the best move regarding my holdings. I want to concentrate on investing for future financial freedom. I'm 36 years old Car is paid off, no credit cards or personal loans. Just got married and the wife also...
  3. J

    Shorting Stocks Advice

    I have just recently got into stocks and have an IG account that I use to just buy and sell stocks. However I would like to be able to short stocks (mostly US) without using options or leverage etc, as every option like this seems to have income requirements that I don't meet. I've had trouble...
  4. T

    Compounding Advice

    Hi All, Newbie here! Looking for some advice on compounding when it comes to share profits and returns. Is this simply a case of reinvesting the profits into winning stocks or am I missing something here? Given the banks have poor interest rates assuming compounding on the stock market...
  5. T

    Funding + Broker advice

    Hi I want to trade minimal size possible on the ASX, what are some good brokers out there and what is the minimum funding that I would require?
  6. S

    Advice - next stage in our investment plan

    Hi all, Long time reader, just joined today to get some advice on my next steps for our family's investment plan. Here's our current scenario; My wife and I are currently 28 years of age. We have a mortgage against our house but no other debts (no car loans, credit cards, etc etc). We have no...
  7. L

    Looking to find advice on new software

    Hi, I have been researching trading in the last 6 months, by reading books, listening to podcasts and keeping up to date with the markets. I know that I have a long, long, long way to go before I can start trading properly yet and I am not under any illusions. But I have been paper trading on...
  8. S

    Your experience/advice with Crowdfunded Real Estate

    Hi, I am looking into crowdfunding real estate. Anyone invested in this and have experience or advice you can offer? Any real estate people have advice to offer? Seems like most projects you can invest in are apartment blocks – isn't there due to be an over-supply of these? Yes, the property...
  9. A

    I think I need some advice

    Hello ! I am new to all this and might sound stupid but... I'm not comfortable to go alone in all this, so I was thinking of getting an advisor. Should I take one in my country or directly in Australia ? And is there a list of registered advisor in India ? (There is a list validated by the gov...
  10. Mr_D

    Calling Any Traders In Perth, WA

    Hi Guys, Is there any traders/investors on here that live in Perth, or northern suburbs of Perth that have experience in trading or investing? If so and are willing to offer help and advice, please let me know as I am after some local help. Cheers D
  11. Init

    Advice on bad market day

    I am relatively new to investing and have only started to buy shares in the last few months (all ASX) after a lot of reading. After today everything is in the red including my portfolio which is understandable given the massive drop seen across the board today. Given that my share prices have...
  12. Revan

    Need advice on getting started: DOM order board? brokerage?

    Hello all my name is Phillip, I'm from sunny Brisbane and this is my first post on the forum, getting to the subject at hand I'm seeking advice to get started in the markets. I opened a margin paper trading account with the uk based brokerage trade212, their platform is browser based and seems...
  13. J

    Advice for a newbie

    Hi guys, I have a few questions that I need some answers too. a) I’m worried that I’ll sign up to a dodgy website, what are some safe websites that I can use to invest in currencies, shares and commodities? Which is also connected to multiple stoke markets around the world. Ideally, I am...
  14. L

    ETF only SMSF portfolio advice

    Hi all I've set up my SMSF so it only holds a bunch of ETFs. At the moment I am holding DJRE (REIT) GDX (Vaneck Gold miners) VAF (Australian Fixed income) VAP (Australian REIT) VAS (Australian equities) VEU (All world ex-US equities) VHY (Australian high yield dividend equities)...
  15. S

    A few questions from a first time investor (Any advice is appreciated)

    So i'll be investing for the first time in august with a small amount money (around 5 thousand at most) and iv spent some time getting to know some of the market on ASX and the terms associated with investing however being self taught i'm still not completely sure of how sound some investment...
  16. S

    Advice re: inherited shares and CGT

    Hi, first time share owner/seller and forum user. Seeking advice regarding the following. I inherited a small number of CBA shares in 2009 when my mother died. She was gifted these by her mother circa 1999 (date to be confirmed, I am having dad try to find her HIN/SSN to get more accurate...
  17. S

    Beginner Asset Allocation Advice

    Hi all, First time poster here! I hope to start investing with approx $4-5k and I am not interested in day-trading, but rather focusing on fundamentals and holding only a few companies for the longer term (1-2+ years). I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in terms...
  18. T

    Some Sound Advice!

    Hi All, I have been around this forum for a few years on and off, I forgot my old account details so had to create a new one. I have worked on TA for trading for awhile but would still consider myself a complete beginner as I haven't put anything into practice. Spent a considerable amount of...
  19. K

    Experienced people's thoughts and advice please

    hi everyone I'm new here and only recently started investing. Ive opened a managed spot gold account, just starting small for now. they are a international company but only relatively new to Australia. Ive been talking to their traders a fair bit and there is no doubt they are very clever...
  20. S

    Newbie pregnant single mum, looking for advice

    Hi, I'm 33 with a 15 month old baby and another one due in 3 months. Hubby has done a runner. I have a mortgage and $50,000 of personal loan/car loan/credit card debt to take care of now. I work part time and get Centrelink and sometimes hubby pays his $100/wk Child Support. Sob story over. I...