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  1. basilio

    Honest Government Advertising...

    That does seem like an oxy moron doesn't it ? Nonetheless there is an opportunity to present the government honestly and accurately ... but perhaps it won't be the government that does the ads. Check this one out
  2. System

    IS3 - I Synergy Group

    I Synergy Group Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides online and offline affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers and affiliates in Malaysia. The company owns and operates Affiliate Junction, an affiliate marketing platform that offers affiliate marketing solutions to advertisers and...
  3. T

    Forex trading house advertising 3% per month

    Hi All, In trying to research about forex trading, and from hearing some stories from friends, are trading houses that market themselves as returning around 3% per month legit? Is this kind of return common in the industry or is it the sign of a scam? I can see large institutions possibly...
  4. System

    GTN - GTN Limited

    GTN provides a differentiated advertising platform that enables advertisers to reach large audiences frequently and effectively. GTN derives almost all of its income from the sale of radio advertising. GTN is the largest supplier of traffic information reports to radio stations in Australia...
  5. System

    OML - oOh!media Limited

    oOh!media Limited and its subsidiaries is Australia's largest Out Of Home media company, with 34% revenue share, and is the market leader in each of its key divisions. oOh!media provides advertisers with access to a diverse range of audiences across its national portfolio of Out Of Home...
  6. sydboy007

    Interest free offers - false advertising?

    I have an issue with the current no deposit interest free offers currently being pushed onto the market. The below offer from DSE is symptomatic of the kind of deceptive offers out there. The company is advertising 24 months interest free with no deposit on purchases over $600. I believe...
  7. W

    Energy drink car advertising

    Mate of mine has got his done and apparently is making between 545 dollars per month, he said that people make around 400-900 depending on stuff I suppose, he didnt go in to detail. I know the company wouldnt take any car I mean who wants to see it on a **** broken 1000 dollar car. My...
  8. Tyler Durden

    Annoyingly misleading ads

    I see TPG's following ad a lot: It annoys me everytime because I think it is misleading. Not misleading in an 'unfair' way, but misleading in a 'grab your attention' kinda way. $29.99 per month for unlimited ADSL2+ is a bloody good deal, BUT, this is only when you package it with line...