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  1. N

    Looking for penny stock trading mentor/buddies in Adelaide

    Hi, I am currently located in Adelaide, and trying to learn penny stock trading. I have not much idea of what to do or how to start. Just have been reading many different books and websites etc.. Looking for some experienced to point me to the right direction and guidance. or trading buddies...
  2. Anastasia

    Adelaide's Best Authentic Italian Restaurant?

    I'm celebrating a milestone birthday whilst visiting Adelaide next week with my partner and would love to dine at an authentic Italian restaurant. Any suggestions appreciated as neither of us have visited Adelaide previously. We would prefer somewhere in Adelaide city as opposed to...
  3. L

    Day Trader in Adelaide CBD?

    Hi, I'm completely new here and very young in age (21) and in the trading world, as in still reading many pages on investopedia and such. I would love the opportunity to sit down and talk to someone (preferably a day trader) from Adelaide about their experiences with investing and what they...
  4. A

    Adelaide Futures Traders

    Hi was wondering if any adelaide futures traders would be interested in meeting to discuss the futures markets. Possible online or face to face... pub or restaurant open for ideas. look forward to see who is interested Cheers
  5. pavilion103

    Prop trading firms in Adelaide?

    Does anyone know if there are any? I know there are ones in Sydney and Melbourne (and probably the other states) but I've never heard anything about one in Adelaide? Thanks
  6. S

    Adelaide Technical Traders Wanted

    Hi all Are there any traders in Adelaide keen to catch up & chat about trading or possibly form a trading group, I have a theory that trading like a business where the parts are broken up & delegated to members keep the emotions out of the discretionary part of making desicions to get in or...