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  1. S

    Why is my Commsec brokerage $80?

    Hi guys, A few days ago I submitted a sell order below $25k. The day I submitted the order brokerage appeared to be $32. Today it's ramped up to $80. I'm just curious to know why this happens and how I can avoid the additional $50. Thanks
  2. Dominover

    Extra Company Information (submissions etc.)?

    Would anyone know where I can find additional company information (quantitative or qualitative). I have recently read in 'Security Analysis' that at times what American company's present to their shareholders can differ from that reported to the SEC. I was wondering if this kind of situation...
  3. J

    Amibroker help

    Hi all, Im 25, have some money put away for share trading, have about 5K so far, but working on that every month.. I have a copy of Amibroker (registered) and have been playing with it tonight, I have imported the ASX codes into the database (from a script I found on this site).. But how do...