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  1. I

    Tax accounting implications

    Hi all, It's been a while since I actively traded. I spent a long time studying before jumping in and once I did I ended up spending more on my accountant that was worth my time and effort. Obviously if I had profited more then the accounting costs wouldn't have been an issue but sometimes you...
  2. aus_trader

    New Accounting Rules for Company Balance Sheets

    What do others think of the new Accounting rules for the company reporting ? It is to do specifically with the balance sheet reporting as far as rent costs are concerned. Does it make a difference in terms of identifying a company's property leasing/rent costs or is it just adding more...
  3. bigdog

    SMSF Changes July 2018 - TBAR Reporting Requirements Pension Accounting

    TRANSFER BALANCE ACCOUNT REPORT (TBAR) EFFECTIVE JULY 1 2018 On Friday I was advised of new TBAR reporting requirements for SMSF in pension phase -- the pollies make things hard!! There is a 46 slide presentation link below...
  4. R

    Looking for an investor/accounting tutor

    Hey guys I am looking for a person to help me with investing/accounting so basically if I am going through an annual report and there's stuff I don't understand then I can ask. I also needed help with this certain book. I am willing to pay. Theres always way too many questions to ask on a forum...
  5. R

    Accounting for beginners

    Hey guys so I got a bunch of questions espically when it comes to the accounting stuff, I'm gonna try keep it on just this on post. I am still analyzing Dickers data, and looking at their annual report: Page...
  6. M

    Recommend me a tax & accountancy service provider who understands forex trading

    I deal with spot forex trading. I am in search for a tax and accountancy services provider. I presently reside in Adelaide, but would take any good recommendation. Please recommend me a tax & accountancy service provider who understand forex trading. Ta.
  7. M

    Business Accounting video series

    Hi everyone ! I participated in our forum for a long time but did not contribute much. Today, i share to the article in Business Accounting seris Firstly, P1 : Business Accounting - P1 : Accounting Basics Definition Accounting is one of the key functions for almost any business; it may be...
  8. D

    Accounting for traders

    Apologies if post is in the incorrect thread. Any accountants that specialise in providing accounting for traders, please pm me. It seems a hard ask to find a reliable and savvy accountant who can provide services for a trader who trades daily on international cfd/spread bet and forex, so any...
  9. S

    CFD Accounting Question

    Hi there, I have set up a business as a sole trader. I intend to trade CFD's as well as consulting as an engineer. I have funded my CFD account from my business bank account. How do I represent this transaction in my business accounts? Is it an expense or is it treated another way? Thanks...
  10. V

    Australian Accounting Standards - Books

    Can anyone recommend a good book that teaches you how to analyse and interpret Australian financial statements. There are a lot of books out there for American accounting. Anyone read any good books that apply specifically to ASX listed companies. I already have a basic understanding of...