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  1. S

    Melbourne tax accountant for active traders - seeking recommendations

    Hi; Seeking personal recommendations for a tax accountant specialising doing ATO tax returns for Australian & Overseas Trading of Equities, Futures, FX, CFD's Etc. in Melbourne. Cheers and thanks in advance!
  2. M

    SMSF Accountant/Treatment of Futures in Tax

    Hello 2 separate topics but some how related 1) I m searching for an budget ( under $1000 including audit) SMSF accountant for a small SMSF, I know there are few around but many of them restrict what broker you use! I need somebody who will allow Interactive Brokers, Also the accountant need...
  3. C

    Melbourne accountant for traders

    I started trading last year through my pty ltd and had a small loss over the last year. I'm looking for an accountant around Melbourne who is well versed in day trading tax issues and who doesn't charge an arm and a leg. Any recommendations?
  4. A

    Interactive Brokers: Savvy accountant in Perth?

    Just wondering if anyone knows a switched on accountant to help me understand the Trader Workstation reports that I have generated. I need to do the tax thing and cant seem to get to a net profit that makes sense.
  5. B

    Recommended Accountants for Tax Advice, Trusts and SMSF

    I am looking to see a good accountant/tax advisor week after next while i have time off with a view to setting up a trust and/or company for share trading to reduce tax and also about information on setting up a SMSF. I am based in the Perth area but it seems that this is not totally...
  6. C

    Looking for accountant based in Brisbane

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys can recommend some accountants based in Brisbane who are experienced in share trading (particulalry day trading). We have used an accountant and we think he does not understand fully the different rullings apllied to share holders (investors) vs share traders...
  7. O

    Tax accountant for traders - seeking recommendations

    Would be great to share a list of recommended accountants in various AU states who specialise in sole trader/partnership business structures for traders and investors. I'm based in Sydney and have started a trading partnership business, and would love a list of recommended accountants from...
  8. B

    Fees from accountant (ASIC annual fee)

    I have a company setup for trading shares. Recently, I received an ASIC Annual fee (218.00) from my accountant. That's not a problem but I wanted to see if it is normal for the accountants to charge 275.00 to send me the invoice from ASIC. I'm sure their work would be very minimal - receive...
  9. Chorlton

    Accountant Recommendations

    Hello All, Can anyone recommend a good accounting firm, ideally based in Melbourne, who has experience with dealing with both Australian and UK Tax / Financial Issues. Rather than do a search and pick one at random, I'd rather use someone who has been previously recommended. Any Help...
  10. F

    Sydney accountant needed

    My accountant has decided to retire so am looking for a new one. Took me years and many bad experiances to find this one who has been great. Looking for a sole practice or small partnership with good all round knowledge espesially of share trading and located in the Sydney area. Would appreciate...