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  1. I

    ASIC/ACCC media releases

    Hi All, The ACCC issued the following media release today (selected extract only): Following a coordinated investigation with the New South Wales Fair Trading (NSW Fair Trading), the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against We...
  2. Joe Blow

    Australia: White Collar Crime Paradise

    I don't often start threads outside of the Announcements and Site News forum, but after being sent a link to this ABC News article I felt compelled to put it out there for discussion. My first instinct was to post it in the How to identify an investment scam thread, but after some consideration...
  3. Boggo

    ACCC - Toothless Tigers?

    I keep hearing constant mumblings from the ACCC on various topics but do they ever actually do anything other than state the bleeding obvious. Have they ever actually corrected any of the issues they have found ? Anyone who has ever spent any time in Sydney Airport would surely be aware of...