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    ABS - Market Analyser software

    Hi all! Has anybody know anything about ABS Market Analyser software ( They contacted me claiming their software can produce on average of 18% per month returns. They of course require a substantial cost for the software. I tried to do some research on the software but...
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    Latest Home Loan Data

    The newspapers yesterday were fairly positive about home loan approval figures just released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Age newspaper: "A 4.4 per cent rise in home loans in May suggests the housing market is starting to pick up after the slowdown earlier in the year following...
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    Media Playing Up The Bear Case - Be Careful

    I noticed yesterday that the mainstream media headlines really played up the bearish story on the fall in company gross operating profits. The March 2011 quarter profits fell by 2% from the previous quarter. According to the ABS, March profits came in at $63.5 Billion, down from December's $64.8...
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    ABS - ABC Learning Centres

    Hi guys, is ABS an attractive stock. What is ur views?? I know the 12 month share target price is $4.40 (as at 2 September). But its reached that price so early. Would this stock run out of steam?? Or is this just the start??