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  1. frugal.rock

    ABC National Press Club Address

    For those interested, Andrew Liveris, former chairman and CEO of DOW Chemicals address. Could be a wake up for some... I would consider many addresses on the press club are big wasters of time. This one not.
  2. SirRumpole

    ABC Four Corners report on the Australian Tax Office

    I'm sure we would be interested in any member's experiences with the ATO, and if the report resembles reality.
  3. R

    ABC 730 looking for self funded retirees

    Hi there Rebecca from the ABC here. Any self funded retirees willing to talk to us about how market volatility can impact your ability to get by? Or perhaps you are able to ride out market changes? Get in touch at or 02 8333 4843 Cheers Rebecca
  4. Tisme

    ABC Bias Against AFL and League

    I have put up with it long enough, but finally I have to say I am fed up with my taxpayer money being spent on the "breakfast Show" pushing the soccer agenda. This morning the sports section was once again lead and dominated by the "beautiful world game" (sic) which is double annoying for me...
  5. Garpal Gumnut

    ALP Mates Appointments: ABC Compromised

    Does the stench of the last government never end. A report in the Australian tends to compromise one of their star performers, a former Whitlam staffer, Barrie Cassidy. When will the legacy of the last 6 years end? One wonders whether the independence of the Insiders programme has not...
  6. MrBurns

    ABC general chat forum

    Joe, the ABC is shutting down their general discussion forum much to the disgust of 12,000 registered users, these uses are adults not kids , do you think it's appropriate to direct them over here so their community isnt lost ? Probably a lot of shareholders among them. The shutwown is March...
  7. Garpal Gumnut

    ABC is Political

    I was stopped at a State/Federal Roadblock today with about 10 workers on a major highway, and was forced to listen to ABC Radio National Rural Report. I expected to be regaled with low prices, lack of rain, etc. etc. but instead suffered 18 minutes of bloody global warming claptrap. Do...
  8. A

    ABC Q&A

    Well, the new series of Auntie's Q & A has started with a bang. Last night's opening gambit might well have been sub-titled "Bionic Bulldog Savages Swan". :D The two protagonists pretty well hogged the entire proceedings - not unsurprisingly - and I thought the Bulldog actually did a good...
  9. 2020hindsight

    Is the ABC left, right or centre?

    Having just watched another brilliant "Q&A" show in ABC , with politicians, authors and commentators from both left and right, I find that once again I feel extremely indebted to the mighty Aunty. Australia without Aunty just wouldn't be the same imo. But we often hear accusations that...
  10. roland

    ABC - Adbri Limited

    Adelaide Brighton keeps coming up when I am looking around at good stock picks. Both Aegis and Comsec have rated it as quite a promising stock and have strong buys. Again, on tonights "Aegis Weekly Focus" it appears again: The chart looks like fun for intraday/intraweek week trading. I...