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  1. P

    A-REITS performance in 2008

    gday, I am new and signed up to discuss REITS. I am investigating building an A-REIT portfolio. I have too much USD based speculative-grade concentrated risk (another story) and want to diversify. Many of the current listed REITS and Property Trusts / Property Groups were not around in 2008...
  2. Nero64

    Forbes 2008 Rich List - Here come the shorters Note on the 2nd page investors getting Richer this year are George Soros and Richard Perelman and short seller John Paulson. This has got me thinking. I remember George Soros saying just before...
  3. agro

    Melbourne Cup 2008 - Who are you backing?

    i like mad rush - oliver, came home hard in the caufield.. efficient also for a 2nd cup maybe?
  4. R

    Eurovision 2008

    hello, cant wait the weekend of 23-25th May with euorvision MEGA weekend on SBS, abba shows, the real contest, other films massive in Serbia this year and is life long ambition for partner and I to one day go to this event, anybody been? thankyou robots
  5. M

    ASX range 2008?

    From yesterday's Eureka Report [Charlie Aitken] "If I am right and the Australian banks have made an absolute bottom then so too has the benchmark ASX 200 index. There is every chance that the ASX 200 has already seen its high and low for the year and it's not even the end of the first quarter...
  6. C

    2008 - The 2nd great depression since 1929?

    IS there a possibility that 2008 is going to be the beginning of the world 2nd great depression since black Tuesday in1929? The scenario appears to be similar. European banks have lost billion of dollars, England is not doing well, Japan is having recession. China..-stock market can crash...
  7. R

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2008

    Apologies if this has been mentioned but i couldn't find a reference to it for the 1st game for 2008 but registration is now open for those of you who want to practise with some play money. Game commences 21st Feb.
  8. P

    1929 will look like a walk in the park compared to 2008?

    From the Sunday Telegraph in the UK, Journalists scaremongering or a possibility ?.;jsessionid=COEN03HK5UOW3QFIQMFSFFOAVCBQ0IV0?xml=/money/2007/12/23/cccrisis123.xml&page=1