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  1. Julia

    FNArena's summary of 2007

    Below is FNArena's commentary on the year almost past, including those stocks analysts feel are oversold. How much credence we can give said analysts is another point entirely, given their failure to predict the Centro situation. Make of it what you will:
  2. M

    Merry Christmas All ASF Members

    As things start to wind down before Christmas, I would just like to wish all ASF members a Merry Christmas. I hope all members have had an enjoyable year trading and that Santa brings you everything you want. I have really enjoyed getting to know alot of you guys over the last 12 months...
  3. T

    2007 1 Million e$ Contest

    :) .... and back on the US trading simulator, our pick in the 2007 1 Million e$ Contest, where we had ONE stock pick for the 2007 calendar year ..... ..... so far, our DRL pick has returned a lazy 514%, to put us in 2nd spot, behind FSLR ... and the year has not ended, yet !~! ...
  4. Gar

    What? No Melbourne Cup thread?

    cant have that :) so whats everybody betting on? I'm thinking I might go Sirmone each way and a couple of long shots, sarrera & blue moon
  5. AnalysisParalysis

    Zeitgeist 2007

    Hi all, If you Google "Zeitgeist movie" you will get results for a 2 hour documentary style production that I found very interesting. It is in 3 parts. The first takes a stab at the authenticity of Christianity. A bit disturbing, but if you know your Bible, you'll be able to discern the...
  6. B

    The Star of base metals in 2007

    Little known to many people, the lead that is used in car batteries is classified as part of the base metal family in the metal industry; And it is likely that Lead price will be the top investment in the metal family this year. Lead is a metal that has one of the lowest inventory level...
  7. The Mint Man

    The budget, what's your thoughts?

    As the thread title says, whats your point of view. I think that its a fairly good budget. Education gets a big shot in the arm, thats always good IMO. Tax cuts are good for us tax payers. Discuss.
  8. I

    Zinc - The Metal for 2007

    Hey all, a new zinc thread for a new year. I'll start off by posting today's zinc price - it looks as if it has turned and is heading North again
  9. I

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2007 - join and play!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Increase your knowledge of the sharemarket in fourteen weeks. The recipe is simple! Take an imaginary $50,000 and invest in shares Add the opportunity to win great prizes Play the Game and have fun, whether you’re a seasoned investor or absolute beginner! Here...
  10. wayneL

    CORN: The commodity for 2007

    Forget those crappy base metals, corn is the next big bull market according to Peter Kordell. I hope so. :D