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  1. Realist

    Friday the 13th (2006) - The ASX soars!

    Will be a good day for the ASX, up alot! We're heading for an alltime record high next week folks! Who said October was a bad month, or Friday the 13th was unlucky? 5500 here we come!! 6000 by year end maybe :p: (Wayne I'm expecting a bearish reply... )
  2. Duckman#72

    Budget 2006

    Well the budget's out....and more far reaching than the conservative budget the forecasters were expecting. Top rate of tax $150K, 30c per dollar up to $75k and cuts to tax to super!! Might not be so attractive to holders of Great Southern and other tax effective investments and also...
  3. M

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2006

    Hi, I've just registered to play the ASX sharemarket game, and thought I'd ask to see if anyone else is going to play? The website is for anyone who is interested. cheers Mouse