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  1. krisbarry

    Melbourne Cup 2006

    Its that time of year again, when we all take a flutter...tuesday 7th november, 2006 I am looking into placing a trifecta bet this year, "Railings" is one of my picks, not sure of the other two yet. Any other hot tips would be great...
  2. brerwallabi

    Melbourne Cup 2005

    I am backing the Diva whats everyone else taking?
  3. Joe Blow

    June Stock Competition Entries!

    Here are the entries for the June Stock Tipping Competition. Can everyone please check their entry just in case I have made any mistakes. Please notify me immediately if I have. kpgduras DFT 0.013 canny VTI 0.530 JetDollars MXL 0.135 silverfox PRE 0.057 markrmau MXG 2.560...
  4. brerwallabi

    Big buy opportunities 18/04/05

    When the market opens tomorrow its likely to go the way of the US, occassionally it defies big brother, but somehow I think not this time, well i'm glad i took a week of work because there will certainly be some bargins around come tomorrow afternoon and later this week. My strategy this week is...