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  1. Joe Blow

    December Stock Competition Entries!

    Here are the official entries for the December Stock Tipping Competition. Please check your entry and let me know if I have made an error (or left you out entirely)... which is entirely possible considering I am in Belgium, the home of brewing and currently under the influence! ;) In no...
  2. Joe Blow

    December Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    A brief recap of the rules: 1. You MUST have at least a minimum of 10 posts AND an average of at least 0.3 posts per day to enter. You can see your posts per day average by viewing your public profile... it's displayed right next to your 'total posts'. 2. Each entrant may choose one ASX listed...
  3. Joe Blow

    Melbourne Cup tips?

    Any keen punters out there got any tips for this afternoons Melbourne Cup? I haven't had a decent look at the field yet so any suggestions will be seriously taken into consideration.
  4. Joe Blow

    September Stock Competition Entries!

    In no particular order: brerwallabi - CBH ($0.19) positivecashflow - JMB ($0.39) Bingo - OPM ($0.006) TOPGUN - MUL ($0.037) Kooka - ERG ($0.28) ghotib - CGS ($0.21) Lucstar - COH ($19.23) tarnor - EMS ($0.315) Redwing - HIL ($4.35) stefan - SES ($0.25) RichKid - BMO ($0.19) jkool - MGI ($1.79)...
  5. Joe Blow

    September Stock Tipping Competition Entry Thread!

    The rules again: 1. You must have at least ten posts to enter. From next month, this will change to at least an average of ten posts a month. 2. You get to choose one ASX listed stock. 3. The winner is the person whose selected stock performs the best in % terms between September 1 and...
  6. Joe Blow

    August Stock Tipping Competition entries!

    Here they are: stefan - MUL ($0.044) JetDollars - GTM ($0.073) richbb - SNN ($0.275) stockGURU - OXR ($0.82) GreatPig - RDF ($3.03) p0sItIvEcAsHfL0w - SFE ($6.14) jkool - AXA ($3.17) still_in_school - ROC ($1.60) Jett_Star - OMI ($1.65) profithunter - DRA ($0.335) I will be adding...
  7. S

    Market movers - 30/07/04

    ASX movers 040730 - price up 1%+ and volume up 100%+ Code,Close,%,Volume AAC,134,1.5,231736 AGC,182,1.1,376000 AGM,13.5,3.8,645095 ALW,50,4.2,372925 AMP,627,1.1,10839694 ARQ,107,9.2,3437055 AUMOA,1.9,18.8,691434 AWC,519,3.4,30126218 BCD,50,2,267926 BGF,9.3,4.5,2536900 BHP,1318,2.7,29147172...
  8. JetDollars

    ASX Sharemarket Game 2004

    Hi All, Anyone here playing the ASX Sharemarket Game at the moment? I am, but I am not doing well at this stage. If you do play the game: 1. What is your strategy to be successful? 2. Has are you going about selecting the stocks? Using fundamental or technical analysis? Hope to hear from you.
  9. Joe Blow

    Stock Tipping Competition to begin July 31!

    The official Aussie Stock Forums stock tipping competition begins July 31! To enter the competition you must have a minimum of 25 posts. I want to give away a prize to someone who participates in the community here at Aussie Stock Forums! Each month an offical Stock Tipping thread will be...