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    @Skate I am happy to oblige. 1. Cut and paste into AFL Forumla editor and I get the following so not able to backtest until corrected - it is not a filter so shouldn't have any impact: So I have amended as follows: I also increased the initial equity from $100,000 to $300,000 as follows ...
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    Backtest 4 - Ignoring Indexes For this backtest I created a new watchlist which includes the entire current ASX + ASX Delisted Stocks (4662 symbols) and removed any criteria to be in an index. The liquidity is left unchanged at turnover greater than 500,000 for current week. Same period 1st Jan...
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    Thanks @Cam019, that confirms it. If you read the replies in the link you provided Radge says "I use the whole ASX and same filters as per the turnkey code except min price = $0.10"
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    Hi @peter2 . . . happy to run a backtest on the full asx + delisted (that is no inclusion in any index) - what liquidity filter would you like to see? I believe the WTT Radge is displaying on his twitter feed is for the full asx, ie index inclusion is irrelevant). I believe the code posted by...
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    Amending Index Filter Code I copied and paste Skates version of WTT Strategy in AmiBroker and amended the index filter code as follows //================================================================================= //2. The "Index Filter" - decides when we will trade & also our trailing stop...
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    Hi @Skate . . . I haven't been spending as much time on the forum over the past year but have logged in again recently as time permitted as see your thread is still trending well :) Appreciate the efforts you have made to openly share your learnings in this thread. Skates version of WTT...
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    Nice...reminds me of something I heard once that I can't recall verbatim but along similar lines... Make wise decisions, how do I make wise decisions? Make good decisions, how do I make good decisions? Make bad decisions, how do I make bad decisions? By having the courage to make decisions...
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    What's your retirement asset allocation percentages?

    It surprises me a little that you wouldn't use a smsf to invest your super in a similar way you do personally with regard to hunting for what you perceive to be good quality businesses with great growth potential similar to CZZ. Indexes expected average around the 10% p.a. return, and with your...
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    Retirement Stocks 2019

    Financial security creates 'free will' in a way which is alluring to most. We all have different ideas of what to do with our time and money.
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    The state of the economy at the street level

    What qualifications are required?
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    How to trade the Unholy Grails system?

    We are all different. From my point of view, it is a valid comparison as I wish to know what the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is of AFI or VAS or any other system before tax. Why? because then I can gauge the annual return expected from a given amount of Capital, ie VAS may have a CAGR...
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    How to trade the Unholy Grails system?

    From my point of view... all funds available to the public, indexes etc show returns before tax, so from a comparison point of view I think it is better to show returns like this. A VAMI (value added monthly index) spreadsheet allows one to do this. Simply compare the account balance (market...
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    CGT Question

    How does it work for a short seller?
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    MHH - Magellan High Conviction Trust

    @kahuna1 I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this one, I believe you have some admiration for some of the Magellan crew. Anybody else like the Magellan crew? Most of us on here prefer to pick our own stocks rather than invest in funds, MFG has been a stellar performer in my portfolio.
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    Ideas... not advice

    Oops my bad...main residence exemption applies to home under 4.94acres so it might not be entirely tax free on sale even if only ever your home, anyways sounds like you have no intention of selling...